Watch Etiquette: How, What, Where, Why of Wearing a Watch

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With an overabundance of types and categories which are available for men watches in the market, it certainly leaves you confused about what to choose and what to buy. From bold to evergreen pieces, from casual to the most expensive ones, watches have proven to be addictions for people. It is considered to be one of the most lavish and exquisite passions men are found to indulge in. Before we start, check out the choose best automatic watches under $500 post.

As part of a sophisticated ensemble, a watch can be sported at almost every social occasion. Rather, people who wear watches every day, their attire is incomplete without wearing a watch. However, there are certain kinds of etiquette attached to wearing a watch like any other dress code, we have listed a few. Have a look!


This can be a complete spoiler if the watch is not the right fit. A watch too lose may disappear down the arm losing the functionality of a watch, whereas a watch too fit may be uncomfortable to wear. The dial size should be complimenting the size of one’s wrist. Too big for a petite wrist or too small for a fuller wrist, may look utterly odd. The watch sellers are more than keen to provide a better fit and also the links from a metal watch can be added or taken out to give it a more suitable look.


This goes without saying that men are supposed to wear their hybrid watches on their left hands. It is an unsaid rule or etiquette which is being followed this way without any questions. But again, it all comes down to your comfort and priority. People like to wear it on the opposite hand with which they write to avoid any interference in movement.


This is the kind of watch one like to adorn at work, at causal hangouts with friends and parties. Rather an everyday watch is appropriate for literally all occasions. Simple black leather strap with a silver dial goes a long way. Whereas, for a more durable option one can never go wrong with Omega watches.


At a formal event, it is recommended to have a watch that is in keeping with the rest of your accessories. The woman’s watch must be in matching with her necklace or the bracelet while men are supposed to wear watches which complement their cufflinks.


This is where all the functionality plays its role. Sports watches come with such splendid and a plethora of functionality that one cannot even begin to imagine the extent of properties sports watches have. Some are custom made for diving and swimming and are waterproof. While others which are made to record the steps you took while on your morning walk are well crafted and dandy.


Women watches are a part of their Jewellery ornaments. Women, too, have the above-mentioned categories like men but of course, the design, the functionality, and the usage varies from person to person as well as the occasion.

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