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The Internet has made us dependent on it in all ways. Without the internet we are not ready to go out. Telecom companies are offering you the high-speed internet connectivity network everywhere you go. But still, there are some constraints in connecting to the internet in some areas or at some locations. You cannot get high-speed internet connectivity everywhere. Nowadays, we are so much dependent on social media or on YouTube even in our daily routine. We are making use of it in everything we want to do. There are millions of videos uploaded on YouTube every day. To watch the videos anytime and anywhere, there are some apps that will help us to download the videos. Vidmate Download is one of the apps which can be installed in your to download videos. 

There are many applications available on the internet which will help you to download videos. They all are providing somehow the same or different features for the users. You can select from them accordingly. When we watch hundreds of video and sometimes we watch some videos to be in our mobile device. We can watch whenever we want even without having access to internet connection. Some of the leading video downloading apps are:

  • NewPipe: watching so many videos without any buffering is not always possible. Still with having access to a good internet connection you can do it. But it is not always possible to have the same speed high data network. In that case, for not sacrificing your streaming habits you can download that video with the help of this application. This app is lightweight and easy to use application. 
  • Vidmate: Vidmate is the leading video downloading app preferred by most of the people. You can download unlimited videos in any video quality from it. There are so many formats available on this application that can be selected as per the requirement. It uses less storage space and produces productive results. You can even watch other videos while the downloading is taking place in the background. 
  • YTD video downloading the app for android: this app is specially designed for android base users. This application is equipped with all the self-explanatory features. It is easy to use interface. You can download as many videos as you want with the help of this application. It not only allows you to download videos but also the audios from YouTube. It is light in weight and does not consume much of your data or storage space in your device. 
  • OGYouTube: this app allows the user to download the videos not on your mobile phones but also on your computer or laptops. As we are aware of this limitation that YouTube does not allow its users to download the videos from it. So we need an additional app which will help us to do so. This application is the modified version of the YouTube application. People who know how to use or operate YouTube can operate this application too. 

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