Water Sports For Boys

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Kids are naturally drawn to water. It is hard to know if anyone has ever figured out why; maybe it has something to do with spending nine months submerged? Or perhaps it’s an instinct that tells them that water is the very basis of all life on earth. It really doesn’t matter why because all you need to know for sure is that when summer rolls around, the first thing most kids want to do is swim. If you live close to the beach, then they may be lucky enough to spend the long summer days sitting on a bodyboard or surfboard just behind the breakers. If you aren’t, there are a range of other sports and water-based activities that you can get them involved in. Water sports are a fun way to get in some healthy exercise and burn off so of the boundless energy that most boys have.

First up though is making sure they have the right clothes and equipment. Whether they’re heading to the beach, training for the school gala, dive-bombing into the pool or running around under the garden sprinkler, nothing is more versatile than boys jammers. Super comfy and right on-trend, these swimsuits can be worn on their own, under a wetsuit or they can be paired with a rash vest to protect them from the sun.


Learning to swim is a big part of childhood and summertime is the best time to learn because the water is warm, and they’ll get lots of opportunities to practice. Try to find swimming lessons that offer small classes so that your child can get the most out of the lessons. If your child is showing a natural affinity for the water, then regular training might be the thing for them.

Water polo

For older kids, water polo is an ideal sport. It’s very physical and competitive and is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Many schools offer water polo as an extramural sport, but there are also teams and leagues in some of the major centers that you could sign up with.

Surfing and bodyboarding

Surf lessons are a great way to get boys started on a lifelong sport. A lot of surf schools are set up on or near the best swimming beaches and if you’re not sure if the novelty will wear off, you can rent a surfboard before investing in one.

Snorkeling and diving 

This is often a great family sport activity. Diving is a bit more complicated because it needs training and equipment, and you need to be eight years or older.  Snorkeling is a quick and affordable way to get into the water and enjoy the wonders – all you need is a decent pair of goggles and snorkel, maybe some fins, and you’re ready to go.


If you don’t have a pool or live close to the ocean, there are so many dam-based options too – activities like canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding are just a few that you could explore with your son.

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