5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Quit Alcohol Addiction

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If you are looking for a way to overcome alcoholism, one solution you can try is working out. Here are ways that you can use exercise to conquer your addiction.

Recent research exploring the link between physical activity and drug relapse prevention has shown that exercise can be highly beneficial in helping people quit alcohol addiction. But how?

Read on for 5 ways exercise can help you quit alcohol for good.

1. Improves Self Esteem

It’s no surprise that people battling alcoholism are often dealing with a poor self-image, depression, anxiety, and trauma. But exercising is one of the best replacements for alcohol. Instead of turning to drink, addicts can turn to exercise to channel their negative thoughts.

Then, after a little time of consistent exercise, alcoholics start to feel different about themselves. They have physical proof that they are capable of sticking to something and working hard.

Best still, one study showed that exercise can lead to increased confidence in staying sober. As you turn to exercise, you will find that you have confidence in what you can accomplish physically and mentally.

2. Return to Normal Body and Brain Functions

The health effects of alcoholism on the body including the kidneys, pancreas, heart, immune system is detrimental until the end of detox. You can learn more here about the treatment for withdrawal. 

The bodies of people with alcohol abuse issues are in a weakened state. Yet exercise and proper nutrition help the body return to a normal state. Exercise allows your body to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and repair the cardiovascular system. Once your body starts to feel better internally, you will also feel better.

3. Enjoy the Natural High

You may have heard people say that exercise is addicting or that running gives them a natural high.

Well, that’s actually true.

Exercise releases endorphins which not only relieve stress and anxiety but also lead to a natural high. So you stop turning to alcohol to feel better and instead set weekly workout goals for working out at home.

Unlike alcohol which is a punishment for your body, exercise is a true reward in its own right. Plus the many benefits such as better sleep, better sex, more endurance, and strength are all great gifts.

4. You Start to Look on the Sunny Side

One of the huge benefits of exercise during alcohol abuse recovery is that you turn into a more positive person.

The hormones released during exercise clear out your mental fog and make you a “glass half full” type of person.

This helps with your resolution to stay sober and helps you feel positive about your future.

5. Teaches you to be Goal Oriented

Another reason exercise helps you quit alcohol addiction is that you learn how to set and reach goals.

Even seemingly small goals help you learn that you are capable of accomplishments. 

Let’s say you set a goal to walk for 10 minutes every day or do 5 pushups. Once you accomplish that, you set another goal, then another and another.

Pretty soon, you have a track record of setting and meeting your goals. This success also motivates you to keep setting and reaching goals because of the happy hormones your brain releases each time you do.

Then you can apply the same techniques in all the other areas of your life.

Use Exercise to Quit Alcohol Addiction

There you go! 5 ways that exercise can help you quit alcohol addiction once and for all. Your new sober life will have so much more freedom and joy as you replace alcohol with exercise.

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