Ways To Age-Proof Your Texas Home

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Instead of moving into an assisted living facility, or retirement community, older people prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as they can. This way they can keep their independence, mobility, and cognitive abilities. While Texas offers many facilities that allow the elderly to live comfortably, there are still many of them that prefer to remain in their homes.

Experienced HHS staff and paid contractors can help older Texans get services that allow them to live in their own homes, provide tools for family caregivers to do their job, and offer access to meals at home. You can either renovate the whole place or find a new one to provide comfort and safety for the elderly.

We’ll show you how to age-proof your home and make it safe and comfortable.

The right home

To provide adequate living conditions for the elderly, it is a good idea to slowly renovate your house. Since most elderly want to remain at home, they may need help from family members or caregivers. While age-proofing your home should be a priority, you can consider renting a nearby place to help you visit them and take care of their needs.

If you live in Austin, for example, you can search for studio apartments for rent in Austin and choose the one that is most suitable for your family member. Living at home is where they can live in a comfortable, independent house and take care of their own needs. They can maintain their independence and avoid feeling abandoned and depressed.

Suitable furniture

A bed that is suitable for their needs will provide them with stability and comfort. An adjustable bed, for example, is a convenient solution that allows independence and flexibility. These beds look just like any other bed and hide the electric components.

If a person is unable to maneuver traditional beds, it can pose a danger. An adjustable bed is preferred by the elderly because they can easily get in and out of the bed without assistance. This is a way to give them comfort and independence, as well as allow them to care for themselves independently. An adjustable bed is a great option if the person needs assistance.

Eliminate any potential obstacles

It is important to remove any potential hazards from your home to make it safer and more comfortable for them. You can simplify the seating arrangements by reducing the number of furniture pieces and reducing the number of rooms. You can leave enough space between furniture pieces and walls to make it easy to navigate.

Don’t forget about clutter and arranging cables throughout the house to prevent elderly people from tripping. Good lighting should be installed in every room, especially in the hallways. If they are unable to walk properly, railings are essential. Remove rugs and put slip-resistant flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers.

Make your kitchen and bathroom safe and easy to use

As we age, our risk for falls and other accidents in the bathroom increases considerably, so it’s important to renovate the bathroom. Older adults might need help in using the toilet, washing their hands, and taking a bath. Install a taller profile toilet and replace the bathtub with a large, freestanding shower. Make sure to equip the shower with slip-resistant flooring and an adjustable handheld showerhead.

To make the kitchen more user-friendly and safer, you can start by removing obstacles and providing basic kitchenware that is safe. You can round the edges and install drawers, pullout pantries, or doors. Anti-skid flooring will provide elders with a better grip when walking. Additionally, supply them with meals so they won’t have to cook in the kitchen, which can be hazardous.

Install a ramp

For older adults with mobility issues, stairways are often the most difficult problem. Handrails and brighter lighting can make stairs safer. While installing ramps on outdoor or indoor steps can be a little more work, they are worth the hassle. It is safer to use them as they prevent risks or possible accidents.

Ramps are essential for frail and disabled seniors. It makes it possible for them to do more of their daily tasks with less help. They will be more likely to interact with others and access social services. Ramps are also essential in an emergency where medical personnel needs to enter or leave the home.

Final thoughts

Today’s tech-savvy world offers many devices that make life easier. Installing these types of gadgets will not only help keep your home secure, but it can also make it easier for the elderly to navigate the house by themselves. There are many options, from medical alert systems to ovens that shut off automatically after a set time, but you should start with the larger items listed above.

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