Ways To Get Restful Sleep During Travelling With Newborn Babies

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Traveling with a baby sounds like an oxymoron. Specially, for those of us who’re new to parenthood. It’s almost like traveling with a rock band, where you have to be attentive and prepared for every possible situation. And we mean it.

However, if you’ve got to travel with a newborn or a toddler, it’s not late to be prepared yet. There are a lot of things to keep an eye at. But we won’t be that broad for now.

To be specific, In this post we’re focusing on one of the most important acts of the baby which you have to take care of while traveling. Yeah, you guessed it right, we’re talking about baby’s sleep. we’d talk about baby’s sleep during traveling, and how to do the best for it.

99% of the parents I know, worry about whether the baby will have a safe and sound or not. Because the sounds, the jerkings, and the whole temperament aren’t sleeping-friendly for a baby at all.

So what’s the way out? Well, we will tell you.

5 Tips to Ensure A Happy Nap for Your Newborn While Traveling

  1. Get The Items That Baby Is Associated with While Sleeping
    As a parent, you, of course, have the idea of what kind of sleep-time items your baby loves to be provided with. So, bring one the best infant pillows, blanket, favorite toy and anything else that would induce quick sleep to the baby. Remember, the whole reason for carrying all these items is to cue the baby in order to put him/her in sleep. So, if you think anything else would do the job, go for it.
  2. Put Down the Shades
    No matter you’re traveling or airplanes, buses or trains, there are shades on every passenger window. If you’re on the window seat, put down the shades for your baby to get asleep quickly. As you know, babies like medium-darkness as their favorite sleeping environment. In case you’re using your own car for traveling, use a sunshade for the window to block light.
  3. Don’t Make the Trip Longer than 6 Hours
    As we’re talking about ensuring restful sleep to babies, that also concerns the sleeping duration. As you know, newborn babies can’t sleep any longer than 4-5 hours at a stretch. If your journey is longer than this time, that would be a little uncomfortable for the baby. As they can’t sit in a particular spot for a long period of time. In case you’re having a trip longer than 6 hours, take a break in half at a spot which is safe, public and will allow you to walk around for a while.
  4. Schedule The Trip At Time When It’s Baby’s Routing Sleep-time
    Finger crossed, this is the most effective tips that will put your baby in sleep just after the journey starts. All you have to do is to arrange the trip around the time when your baby goes to sleep. In most of the cases, trips can’t be made at night. So, you have look at another sleeping period that your baby takes. Because there are more than two times while the baby takes a nap of 3-4 hours.
  5. Protect Your Baby’s Ear from Air Pressure Changes
    We’re talking about the change in air pressure when an airplane takes off. Although, this doesn’t directly relate to baby’s sleep, but indirectly it does. How?Well, change of air pressure may hurt your baby’s ears. Eventually, this bad experience can keep your baby awake for the rest of the journey. As the baby’s not physiologically prepared for such air pressure changes, that might cause physical discomfort as well. Remedy? When the plane starts to take off, engage your baby into something like a toy, or something that the baby can suck.  

Bottom Line

So, that were the 5 most actionable tips that can take your baby’s uncomfortable travel into a soothing nap. And not to mention, you as a parent will be relieved a lot.

Keep some more tips in mind that are more or less related to the fact we’re talking about. Select a neck pillow for the baby with the maximum concern of baby’s adjustment and comfort. Moving forward, keep an extra piece of everything that comes in help throughout the process. And lastly, use a car seat or baby airplane seat while you’re on a journey in public transports.

Good luck to you and your kiddo. Have a safe and soothing journey!

Author Bio: I am a blogger and the part time writer of Pillow Idea and have been self-employed for years. I love entrepreneurship and believe that everyone can reach his/her goal with right determination, hard work and perseverance. I believe that a good night sleep can makes your morning amazing!

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