4 Ways to Include Your Pet In Decorations

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Do you have a pet too beautiful not to include in your decor? Most pet owners have been there: trying to hang a picture of your dog, cat, or another pet can be difficult to include into elegant and modern styles. Luckily, there are some alternative ways for you to incorporate your pet into decorations without seeming crazy. Here are 4 ways to show off your pet with beautiful designs.

1. Pet portraits

A great way to include your pet’s image is by ordering a pet portrait. Basically, you send in a picture to a website like Instapainting, select the style and size of your portrait, and wait for your custom art piece to arrive. Not only is this completely customizable for you, but it also results in some beautifully modern pieces that won’t disrupt the flow of your decor. While a regular photo is nice, pet portraits incorporate more style and panache into a room with almost no effort. Try showing the world how much you love your furry friend with a gorgeous pet portrait, and see how many compliments the painting receives.

2. Pet pillows

Another service to consider are pet pillows. There are tons of services that will accept the species, breed, name, and a brief description of your loved pet, and the service will send you a customized throw pillow that looks elegant on any couch. Search for your desired style, enter your pet’s info, and the pillow should arrive within 2 weeks. Some great ways to style this piece include pairing it with similarly colored pillows on your living room couch or in front of a neutral-colored sleeping pillow on your bed. If you don’t mind the pillow getting hairy, you can also place it on your pet’s favorite place to rest for a customized sleeping zone.

3. Paw paintings

If you’re on a stricter budget, consider a cute DIY project to incorporate your pet into your decor. Although there are many artsy projects you and your pet can try, one easy option is a paw painting. To get started, first find a kid-safe paint to ensure your pet doesn’t ingest any harmful chemicals. A great example of non-toxic paint is a water-based acrylic like Liquitex Basics, which contains a water base with colorant, making it safe for kids and pets alike. Next, get a large canvas ready on a flat surface. Dip one of your pet’s paws into one color lightly, then press it onto the canvas. Repeat this process with as many colors as you like. Make sure to wash the paw thoroughly before letting them loose through your house. Let the paint dry and enjoy your simple artwork.

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