8 Ways To Keep Your Child Entertained Without Gadgets

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Today, almost every parent relies on technology to keep their child entertained and still in one place. It helps to boost their creativity and learn plenty of things as they have access to fun games and the internet.

However, too much screen time might negatively affect a child’s development, including their health. With that, going back to the basics would still be a great option to give children a break from technology.

Keeping a child entertained without gadgets feels impossible nowadays. This can be extra difficult, especially since they’re surrounded by it. To help you out, below are some ways you can keep your child entertained the old-school way:

1) Buy Extreme Jigsaw Puzzle

A great way to entertain kids while also letting them develop their critical thinking skills is by allowing them to explore jigsaw puzzles. This can be quite boring for some, especially if they can quickly solve the puzzle. But to make things more exciting, you should purchase an extreme jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces. This should help to keep them occupied for hours.

Ideally, you should check out the largest selection of jigsaw puzzles online and see which photo you think would best catch your children’s interest. It could be a photo of an animal, a dinosaur, or nature.

2) Teach Them Arts and Crafts

To help enhance your children’s creativity, you should teach them arts and crafts they can easily create on their own. You can start by bringing out some colored papers and letting them go crazy with origami. You can also print some outlines for your kids to color and paint.

For the crafts, you can teach your children jewelry making, knitting, air-drying clay, or pottery. There are limitless options you could try that allow your children to make something new. It could be their new hobby too, allowing them to refer to them instead of using their phones.

3) Bake Or Cook Together

Your kitchen will always be the heart of your home. To let your children be a part of your kitchen’s magic, you should invite your children to cook or bake with you. You can always begin with something easy and safe for your kids.

For cooking, you can create guacamole, pizza, pasta, tacos, or a grilled cheese sandwich. For baking, meanwhile, you can make anything you’d like as long as you’re the one who’ll take them in and out of the oven if they’re still too young.Let your children decorate and go crazy with icing and cookie cutters.

4) Bring Out the Board Game

To entertain everyone in the room, you should bring out the board game and let everyone play. There are plenty of board games that children and adults would enjoy. You can gather around the floor to make things more comfortable. You can even bring out a bag of chips everyone can munch on as they wait for their turn.

5) Host A Tea Party

You might want to join in the fun by hosting a tea party for your children who love playing with their dolls. You can even sit at their chair and dining table and set it up into something fun yet comforting. You can lay out a tablecloth and bring out some cute tea sets. To complete the look, you can bring snacks your children can enjoy. Because you can’t serve children actual tea, you can replace them with apple juice and let them pretend it’s the real deal. To make this more exciting, you can host the party outdoors.

6) Play Outdoors

If you have a backyard, you should take the extra space to your advantage by playing outdoors with your children. There are plenty of games and activities you can do outside. You can play with water, run an obstacle course, or just play some catch. This also encourages physical activity as it helps to keep your children moving instead of sitting still and looking at their screens.

7) Have A Dance Party

A way you can go crazy with your children is by having a dance party inside your home. You can bring out the best playlist that allows you to dance and party like there’s no tomorrow. You can even include a karaoke contest where you allow everyone to sing their hearts out. This will be a great and fun family activity that your children will surely remember as they grow older. Moreover, you can even make a dance competition, and the winner gets to choose the dinner for the day.

8) Create Science Experiments

If you’d like to keep your children entertained but still let them learn new things, you might want to try creating science experiments. This doesn’t have to be costly, as there are plenty of household materials you can use to begin your experiment. You can research various safe home experiments for your child to try and let their eyes be amazed by how science works.


There are at least eight ways to entertain your kiddo without using gadgets. Those activities can help to make your children more engaged while also improving your quality time with one another. This way, your children will learn plenty of things they can do without relying on technology.

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