Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

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Fall is in full gear and that means the holiday season is just around the corner! With trips to visit friends and family on the horizon for many, it’s a good time to get prepared for a long road trip with your kids. As much as we love the destination, the journey isn’t always smooth sailing with bored kids involved! Check out these top 5 ways to keep your kids entertained on a road trip.

  1. Pack a goodie-box or treasure chest.

Use a plastic lunch box or other containers to serve as a treasure chest for your kids. Let them pack whatever they’d like inside—art supplies, books, healthy snacks, toys, and games—so that they’ve got a handful of things to keep them entertained while on the road.

  1. Utilize audiobooks.

Audiobooks are amazing for long car rides—keeping both kids and adults entertained. Download a few of your kids’ favorite books along with a couple of new ones they’ve haven’t read so you’ll have something they’ll be in the mood to listen to.

  1. Let your kids play educational games.

Though so much screen time does have its downsides, there are also a lot of benefits that come with Smartphone apps. There are plenty of educational games or apps that your kids will love without even realizing they’re learning!

  1. Have a movie night in the backseat.

Whether you have built-in screens or you’re using a laptop or tablet, your kids can have the same fun they would during a normal movie night. Pack popcorn and healthy snacks as well as blankets and pillows so they can get cozy! Have several options ready to watch so they won’t get bored with one thing.

  1. Play classic car games.

“I Spy” is always a fun game for keeping kids entertained, and it requires nothing other than your imagination! Another easy game is the “Celebrity Game”—one person will name a celebrity, and the next person has to think of another celebrity whose first name starts with the first letter of the last person’s last name.

A Final Note

Road trips can be lots of fun when the proper precautions are taken. From entertainment for your kids, to safe driving tips and having the proper documentation ready in the event of an emergency, there are several things to keep in mind before heading out on the road.

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