5 Ways To Look Out For Your Own Health After Becoming A Mother

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Becoming a mother is such a wonderful experience and no-one will deny the joys and happiness it brings, but it is also a toll and a burden in many other ways. So it’s important to look after yourself as well as the baby. We all find this difficult as it’s such an all-encompassing task, but here are 5 of the key things to try and take on board as a happy and healthy mommy is essential for a happy and healthy baby.

Exercise Routine

OK so this one will seem near impossible at first, you are physically recovering after all from one of the most trying demands your body will ever place on you, so we give ourselves a pass for the first few weeks. But after that try and get out there and be as active as you can do. There are many gyms and fitness classes these days that have creches to cater for mothers with babies, even getting out for brisk walks with baby in the pram or on foot as they get older and get out there.


It’s good for you and the little one to get out there and be around people. Either meet up with old friends or find a baby and toddler group or even find classes for you and baby to do together, such as baby swimming lessons.

Your Back & Physical Health

It’s important to be aware of your physical health and doesn’t develop problems such as a bad back. Be sure that if you use a baby carrier or sling it is of decent quality and you are wearing it properly. Make sure you have a good bed and mattress, if it’s an old mattress then now is the perfect excuse to check out 2019’s best mattress and switch to something new and more suitable for your back.

Mental Health

It’s so common that so many moms suffer from poor mental health ranging from the normal stress of being overwhelmed to post-natal depression or even psychosis. The big thing to remember here is that it’s not shameful, it’s so common and it does not in any way make you a bad mother. What to do if you are feeling overwhelmed, having worrying thoughts or ideas then seek help from your doctor as soon as possible, they won’t be judgemental and will have seen it all before and can help you or refer you on to the relevant mental health team.  

Rest (I know!)

At the risk of sounding ultra patronising, I’m going to suggest getting as much rest as possible here. I know, I’ve been there and it’s easier said than done. But if the baby is napping then take the opportunity to grab a rest yourself, I know you have a thousand things to do but the dishes or vacuuming can really wait once in a while so don’t burn yourself out as this won’t help any of you. Remember that you have a wonderful little baby, and no-one else lives in a show home either.

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