Ways To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

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A cup of coffee is a favorite of all when working late at night or going for a date. Some people can’t even think of starting their day without it. It boosts up your energy and makes you feel focused again. The caffeine helps you to be awakened during your late-night office presentations. There are a variety of coffee beans available in the market nowadays, including mocha and black coffee. You can find it in every range, from extremely expensive to pocket-friendly. But drinking too much coffee impacts your health and sleeping cycle too. Sugar and milk can add up the count of calories much faster. To overcome this hurdle without making yourself distant from your favorite coffee, we bring you some super-healthy ways to make it healthy without compromising the taste. For having premium-level coffee, try Black Label Coffee, which provides you with exotic coffee and has a lot more for you.

  1. Have Black coffee.

Black coffee is something you may not find tasty due to its bitter taste, but your taste buds will gradually adapt to it. A black coffee, also known as espresso, contains less than an 8-ounce cup, i.e., just about ten calories. This is the best way to extract calories from your coffee and make it super healthy. While making it, try to avoid any extra ingredients for added flavor. Further steps may help you to make it tastier.

2. Try almond milk.

If you want to upgrade your black coffee while making it more healthy, then a perfect way is to switch to almond milk. Almond milk is known for being a low-calorie product as it is an ideal alternative for regular milk. Almond milk will balance making your coffee under just 100 calories, whereas regular milk can increase up to 80. Make sure you are not allergic to nuts before choosing it.

3.Replace artificial creamers.

People love having rich creme cold coffee with lots of ice cream or artificial creamers on top of it. It may look delicious but are not at all good if you are health conscious. These artificial creamers have lots of sugar, which adds ups the calories to infinity. Many cafes also put a lot of chocolates or candies for decoration. The best way of this could be replacing creamers from coconut milk and vanilla extract. You can mix them and add honey into it, which will also add flavor to it. If you are in a mood to make some more efforts for your coffee, you can also make homemade creamers.

4. Brew with organic beans.

What could be better than using certified organic coffee beans free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals? It is the most healthier option one can opt for by selecting it from the origin. These beans are free from other toxic substances and ensure only goodness reaches out to the body. It makes a perfect morning brew for diet-conscious people.

  1. Add cinnamon.

Cinnamon has many medicinal benefits and is excellent for reducing inflammation. You must have noticed cinnamon on the countertop of a cafe near you. It’s not just for decoration but gives a next-level taste to your coffee. Doctors also recommend it for stabilizing blood sugar and for a healthy heart.

  1. Make it chocolatey.

You don’t need to go for the heavy chocolate syrup to get your coffee chocolate. This can be done with unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate, which makes superb additions to your coffee. This also has numerous health benefits like balancing cholesterol or minimizing the risk of cancer. It is a heaven for mocha lovers who are fitness freaks.

  1. A slice of butter

A slice of unsalted butter into your coffee can help to boost your energy. It may sound unfamiliar to you, but it gives you a fresh feel in every sip. The best thing about it is, there is no added sugar or cream. This coffee is commonly known as bulletproof coffee, and to extract the best out of it, make sure to blend it well in your coffee with the help of a blender. This would surely be the best version of your homemade latte.


This is all about making your coffee healthier and tastier. One last tip which you can rely upon is swapping your coffee mug into a white one. Some studies found that a white color cup can give a more sweet effect to it compared to the other color. The white color cup makes your coffee more intense as compared to the transparent glasses. There needs to be more specification upon it, but changing into a white cup may do wonders for you and tastes less bitter.

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