Ways to Reduce the Cost of Hotel Expenses When Making Reservations for Wedding Guests

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If you decide to have your wedding in a distant location, you might have to prepare to accommodate your guests. You need to arrange their accommodation since it’s quite a hassle for them to fly to the wedding destination. They’re already doing you a favor, taking some time off from their regular schedule to take part in your wedding. The least you can do is to arrange their hotel near the wedding venue. 

Since you need to spend a lot for the hotel, this idea only works for small and intimate weddings. Even then, you might have to pay for a few rooms for all the guests. These are some tips to help you reduce the cost.

Book in advance

If you make early reservations, you will have a chance of getting a reasonable rate for all the rooms. You can also choose the more affordable options. If you decided to book late, you have no choice but to settle for what’s available. https://www.staypromo.com/ makes it more affordable to pick the trip you want, so make sure to visit them for deals.

Call the hotel

Although it’s convenient to book online, you might have to consider calling the hotel if you wish to book several rooms. You can inform the hotel management about your plan and let them know that you’re having a wedding at a nearby location. Since you might even block off an entire floor for your guests, you could get a considerable discount. Apart from negotiating the cost, you can also consider asking about other amenities or services that they can throw in as part of the cost that you’re going to pay.

Partner with a wedding organizer

Instead of looking for a hotel by yourself, you can partner with a wedding organizer. In doing so, you will end up with affordable choices. Wedding organizers have a vast network in the industry. They partnered with several hotels in the past to accommodate their clients. They might have a special discount to offer you.

Inform the hotel that you’re getting married

You might receive a special discount if you inform the hotel that you need to book several rooms for a wedding. It’s a way of expressing their best wishes to you and your spouse. 

Look for the nearest hotel

If there’s a hotel next to the wedding venue, it’s the best option for you to book. Even if you have to pay a bit more, it’s okay since you won’t have to spend money transporting the guests to and from the hotel. If the reception is also within the area, anyone can go home once they get tired partying. 

Don’t worry about looking for a place for your guests to stay. It will cost you more money, but it could be worth it if you find the best venue. If you think you’re already going beyond the budget, you might have to consider other wedding venues. You need to set an amount for every detail of the wedding and stick to it. You can also consider hotels around Oxford if you’re getting married in the area.

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