3 Ways To Use Basic Supplies To Make Heartfelt Crafts From Scratch

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You don’t need to spend a fortune at the high-end store to make a personalized gift for your loved one. Whether it is for a birthday, graduation, or Christmas gift, taking the time and effort to create a customized gift shows that you really put time and effort into making something special. 

When shopping for the perfect tools and supplies for your art project, you may be worried that your gift idea will cost a fortune. However, there are hundreds of art ideas that require you to spend only a few dollars to make a heartfelt and long-lasting gift that your loved one will not soon forget.

Top three craft ideas 

You can choose from one of these fun, low-cost, and DIY gift ideas to make your loved one’s day! Instead of only buying high-end arts and crafts from the spendy store, you can purchase Dollar Tree crafts to save money and avoid spending a fortune on your heartfelt present, see more about dollar tree crafts.

Paperchain wall hang

This option is an excellent choice for those who have limited furniture or floor space in their room or apartment. You can make this paper chain wall hanging for people of any age, whether children or adults, in their first apartment or first home. 

By shopping for inexpensive supplies, like Dollar Tree crafts, you can make sure the total price stays below a reasonable amount to make this clever and creative option. Not only will you be thrilled with the gift receiver’s reaction to their unique and personalized gift, but you can take solace in the fact you will spend less than $20 in total for the arts and crafts supplies! 

Colourful cocktail glasses

Everyone loves a summer party! To make your party stand out amongst the rest of the summer get-togethers, customize your cocktail glasses to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can find supplies from inexpensive chain stores, like Dollar Tree supplies, to make these glasses in no time at all.

All you have to do is buy some scrap adhesive vinyl and cheap glasses from the store -and you’re done! Although the materials are cheap, the end product is not, leaving you with a personalized and cute cocktail glass design that will WOW guests for years to come.

Graphic string art

For party decorations, you need to make sure everyone gets into the theme and understands the mood. What better way to do that than using graphic string art to write some cute and clever words around the party space? You can buy the necessary supplies at a local store, like Dollar Tree crafts, and make this super-easy and quick project the day before your big party. 


Just because you want to make a thoughtful and personalized gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Pick up some Dollar tree crafts before beginning your next art project, saving money on the inexpensive materials while still creating a long-lasting, thoughtful, and unique gift for a party or loved one! 

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