4 Weeknight Dinner Ideas Your Family will Love

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We have all been there: toting the kids to and from school and afternoon activities, cleaning up around the house, doing our own work and enjoying our own hobbies, all in the course of a normal weekday. 

Dinner Ideas

Dinner may be the last thing on your to-do list, but it becomes a lot easier when you have some great weeknight recipes up your sleeve. 

Not only are these four recipes easy and quick, your family will absolutely love them!

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One Pan Salmon and Veggies

As simple as turning on the oven and throwing ingredients on a pan, this easy recipe is immediately elevated with fresh or frozen salmon filets. 

Pat your fish dry and season with salt and pepper and bake alongside asparagus or broccoli for about 20 minutes. Serve with rice or pasta for a more complete and filling meal. 

Don’t be afraid to switch it up, either! Try mushrooms, corn, or cauliflower as your veg and chicken or tofu as your protein. 

This dish goes great with teriyaki sauce or garlic and herbs.

Mediterranean Rice Bowls

A riff on the beloved burrito bowl, this recipe is vegetarian, vegan, and kid friendly. 

While your rice or couscous cooks, saute some chicken or garbanzo beans with garlic and oil and pair with cool chopped tomato and cucumber in a bowl over your grain base. 

Allow your family to personalize their bowls how they like with yogurt sauce, hummus, and feta crumbles. 

For a fresh touch, add some chopped dill, mint, or parsley.

Sage and Brown Butter Ravioli

Crisping up some sage and shallots in a brown butter sauce seems like something only chefs can do, but the truth is that it’s simple enough to do even on the busiest weeknight. 

Melt butter in a pan while some ravioli or your favorite fresh pasta cooks, allowing the butter to reach a golden brown color. Then, add in some thinly sliced shallot and sage leaves and cook until crispy and fragrant. 

Spoon in your pasta allowing some of the pasta water to mix in, and complete the dish with a healthy sprinkling of parmesan.

California Tacos 

What elevates this simple taco night is the addition of rich and creamy avocado. High in healthy fats, this meal can impress even picky children!

Heat tortillas in a pan, sprinkling in jack cheese to melt and create the perfect taco-quesadilla hybrid. 

Then, top with grilled chicken or sauteed beef, chopped lettuce and tomato, sour cream, and thick slices of ripe avocado for perfect tacos for the whole family.

Happy Cooking!

Even when the day is busy, sitting down to a meal with your family can be a great bonding and decompressing experience. 

These simple recipes are not only easy for a weeknight, but perfect to get the kids helping out in the kitchen. Give them a try, and always remember that it’s okay to experiment, too!

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