Welcome Back to Office Gift Baskets

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Going back to the office is one of the news that has been talked about the most these months. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of sudden changes in the world, and working from home has certainly been some of the ones to remember.

In this article, you will discover the best welcome back ideas for staff members and the bundle gift baskets that will make them more motivated and happier.

Whether you are a manager willing to please your team, an employee that wants to know the best corporate gifts for clients and coworkers, or if you want corporate gifting, this is the right place for you.

W&P Design The Mason Tap Kit – Glass Stainless Steel – $40.00

The Mason Tap Kit is one of the fantastic welcome back to work gifts after covid that you should consider, if you want to celebrate life back at the office.

Apart from having a premium feeling, it will make delicious homemade infusions. Whether you want to send them before going back to work, or offer it to them once at the office, this is the perfect gift for everyone.

It has three different handcrafted jars that will make them the perfect recipients for oil, water, spirits, or more! To sum up, it is some of the perfect welcome back to work gift ideas for employees that like to store liquids in a premium and good looking way.


Areaware Stacking Planter Bundle – $146.00

The planter bundle from Areaware is one of the welcome back to work gift ideas that you can give to your manager, employees, or even to your friends.

This is the type of gift that employees are happy to receive, and that never disappoints.

Moreover, coming back to the office is certainly not easy, especially after spending some months at home working from your living room. Apart from giving a beautiful aspect to your desk, the bundle has a premium feeling, and that will make employees and friends feel valued.

Plants reduce stress, they provide fresher air to your office, and they definitely make you feel at home, reason why it’s some of the best bundle gift baskets.

Flight 001 Spacepak Set Sizes – $110.00

Who says going back to the office says starting to have business trips again, and this is one of the perfect welcome back ideas for staff members who are going to travel. It will keep all their belongings safe and organized.

From toiletries, shoes, shampoo bottles, clean and dirty clothes, and anything else you might need it for. To sum up, it is one of the greatest gifts for staff members who go back to work after covid and that will need to travel again for business.

Areaware Concrete Desk Set – $50.00

If there is one thing that can make you actually feel that you’re back to work, this is probably this concrete desk set. In fact, while at work, we all need to take notes, to store our pens in an organized way, or simply to have some tape available.

Well, this is the perfect gift to give as a welcome back to work gifts after covid. Working from home is definitely nice and futuristic, but that’s not something we were all prepared for, and that’s the reason we need to have that small thing that will make us more motivated.

In conclusion, if you want to surprise your friends or employees by buying them something actually useful and that will make their desk nicer, this is the right one.

urBeats3 Wired Earbuds – $59.00

The wired earbuds are some of the welcome back gift ideas for him and her that will make them feel valued, appreciated, and give them more motivation.

First of all, it is available in two different colors and is therefore great to give to both men and women.

Secondly, they have noise isolation built-in, which definitely helps avoid distractions back at the office. While working from home can lead to being distracted, nothing can beat colleagues talking on the phone or chatting, and this is the solution to be more focused.

Last but not least, the sound quality is great and will make employees and managers enjoy their music when going around town or at the gym, other than the office.

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