What Are The Basic Dental Procedures?

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Basic dental procedures are common procedures performed by dentists. If you are the type that visits a reputable dental clinic such as; the Lighthouse Dental Arlington, regularly, you might have undergone some of these basic procedures. 

Listed below are some of the basic dental procedures you should know:


This is a treatment method used for repairing decayed teeth. It is also used to repair chipped, fractured, and discolored teeth. If you have gapped teeth and need a procedure that can reduce the gap, your dentist may also use bonding. Bonding is done by mixing composite resin (a form of plastic) and making it into a paste. The resin mixture will then be tinted to have a white color or to match the color of the teeth. The resin will then be added to suitable places in the teeth. When this is done, it’ll be hardened under ultraviolet light or laser. The final step of this procedure is shaping and polishing. The resin material will be shaped to match the teeth, and it’ll also be polished to look smoother and natural, just like the real teeth. Dentists also use bonding to build up older teeth. This procedure makes the teeth appear younger. This dental procedure can, therefore, be used on both children and adults for different reasons. 

Crown and Caps 

Crown and cap is another dental procedure for covering broken teeth. It is also useful for covering decayed or badly shaped teeth. It is a basic dental procedure; however, you have to visit your dentist a couple of times before it can be fully completed. 

Unlike bonding which is done with resin, crowns and caps are made of porcelain, acrylic, metal, or a mix of metal and porcelain. If a patient has a problem with their front teeth that require crowns, they’ll likely get an all-porcelain crown. This is because such crowns look more natural, making them the best fit for front teeth. On the other hand, if they have a problem with the teeth at the back of the mouth, they’ll be given a porcelain or metal crown. Such cornered teeth are used for chewing and must be strong. Porcelain bonded with metals are strong and therefore suitable for such a procedure. All-metal crowns are sometimes used for teeth in the back of the mouth due to their unique strength. 

Before your dentist makes a crown for your teeth, the teeth will first be frozen with anesthesia. This will help to ensure you don’t feel any pain while the procedure is being carried out. After the anesthesia has been administered, the teeth will be filed down to enable the cap to fit well. Following this procedure, an impression of the gum and teeth will be made. After which a temporary cap will be fitted over the tooth. It’ll remain like that until your permanent crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed later by your dentist, and the crown will be cemented onto the tooth. Crowns are also shaped and polished to ensure they match the shape and color of the natural teeth. 


If a patient has tooth misalignment or bite-related challenges, they are usually given a dental brace. It is a device used for correcting such problems. What this device does is that it straightens and aligns the teeth by putting steady pressure on them. It is a basic dental procedure that doesn’t require much stress. 

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth are naturally white except in a few cases. However, as people age, their teeth may begin to get darker. Besides the aging factor, teeth can also lose their white color due to the consumption of some foods and beverages like coffee, tea, and berries. Some drugs also affect the color of teeth. Such drugs include tetracycline. Another common reason for tooth discoloration is smoking. The good news is that there’s a solution. Teeth whitening is a basic dental procedure used by dentists to help people regain their beautiful sparkling white teeth. 

Oral cancer examination 

If a cancerous growth is suspected in the mouth, an oral cancer examination may be performed. It is a basic dental procedure that requires your dentist to check for lumps and irregular tissue changes in specific parts of the mouth. During this procedure, dentists also often look for discolored tissue in the mouth. This simple examination is used to confirm the likelihood of oral cancer. 

These are some of the basic dental procedures you should know. Don’t let these procedures intimidate you from visiting the dentist. Book an appointment now to make your teeth feel good with the dentist new york.

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