What are the Benefits of Learning an Instrument?

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Lots of people have thought about it. Learning how to play an instrument. Whether they were inspired or just curious, learning how to play an instrument has always fascinated people. The difficulty is obvious, but the rewards are plenty.  Here are some benefits to learning how to play an instrument that might just make you take the plunge and learn one for yourself.

Express Creativity

Music is a blank canvas where your imagination can run wild. You can experiment with new chord progressions, Melodies, tunings, and so much more. It’s a place where you can express creative ideas freely, without fear of judgment. Many people like to let loose and experiment and see where their emotions can take them. Some folks, however, don’t always like the idea of coming up with their own material.  Some folks are inspired by others. I want to learn to play an instrument in order to emulate their favorite artist or song. For those that wish to pursue this path, there are plenty of websites online that can help you pick out the right kind of musical instruments, choice of song for beginners, and plenty of reviews to get you started on your first pieces of equipment. The guys at https://merelymusic.com/bristol-bd-16-acoustic-guitar-review/ offer in-depth reviews on beginner and expert level instruments as well as plenty of other informative blog posts to get you started on your musical journey. Often websites that don’t already have a review of what you are looking for can be requested to cover a certain topic or request. Try contacting the blog writer about what your concerns may be about a given musical subject.

Develop Concentration

In an always-connected world, attention spans are at an all-time low. Fortunately, playing an instrument can bring you back to the present moment. With practice, you can improve your concentration in all areas of life, which is a tremendous benefit for people with attention disorders.  Having to train yourself to sit down and focus on those musical notes and getting them right works just like a muscle in the body. Exercising that will power to sit down focus and get things done, builds on itself and allows you to become a stronger and a better functioning individual. 

Exercise the Mind

One of the other surprising benefits of playing an instrument is its positive effect on brain performance. You can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, while also helping stroke sufferers recover their brain function. Exercising the mind isn’t just for those with an illness.  Exercising the mind gives us many benefits throughout the day like, functioning faster, being more responsive and alert, better memory, better cognitive function, so on and so forth. 

Reduces Stress

Music can take you to a heightened state of awareness that is very similar to a state of meditation or exercise. It is one of the best stress relievers on the planet. Practicing music daily can lower your blood pressure and help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. You can also use the creative outlet to process emotions during a difficult time. Occasionally we find ourselves feeling the extremes of certain emotions. Joy, sadness, anger, hatred,  any one of those. It’s important to be able to process those emotions in a healthy manner and music is one of the ways that can help us process that. For example, going through a break-up can be extremely difficult, being able to express your emotions through music and song can be extremely cathartic and ease tensions on the entire situation.

Makes you a Better Listener

Learning a new song requires complete concentration. You need to listen very carefully to pick up on the accented notes and other stylistic choices. This is a great skill for everyday life because a well-practiced listener has more meaningful relationships and notices more opportunities to make great connections. Having the patience to sit through a song and listen to it over and over to understand all the nuances translate directly into everyday life when we have to express patience when dealing with either customers or coworkers, or even family members. A lot of times this developed patience can mean the difference between a full-on explosive argument and just being able to talk it out.

Improves Posture and Confidence

When you start learning a new instrument, your teacher will demonstrate proper posture and let you know when you’re not sitting up straight.  Over time, this will become second nature, and your improved posture will carry over into your daily life. This is a fantastic benefit for any who experienced back and neck pain from slouching. Additionally, learning a new instrument can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and as you get better at playing you will become more confident. This confidence will also help keep you standing up straight and feeling proud of yourself.

This list is just a few of the amazing benefits you receive when you begin your musical journey.  Learning a musical instrument has an incredible impact on everything from your emotional to physical, and mental well-being. Learning and gauges your body and mind in a way that other activities simply can’t match.  Hopefully,» this list of benefits has put you over the edge and convinced you to begin your musical journey.

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