What Are The Best Online Payment Sites?

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If you’re looking for an online payment merchant that can either be used to quickly transfer money to others, take payments from freelance work or use as a payment gateway on your e-commerce site then there are a lot of options now available. PayPal is the first obvious option, with many years of popularity since their partnership with eBay but there are many other options that you may want to consider. From Google Pay to PowerCash21 there are lots of great options that you can choose from.

consumer and merchant exchanging goods and credit card through the internet

Google Pay

Google Pay is the competitor to paypal created by the online giant Google. Google pay has the advantage of being easy to set up with your phone to make quick payments when shopping online and offline. You are able to connect one of your debit or credit cards and then use this to pay with your phone contactless similar to a debit card. This is great for when you are out and don’t want to carry your purse or wallet, or if you have simply forgotten them. You can also integrate Google Pay with your Google account if you use any of Google’s other services like GoogleAds. Your ads will be automatically charged to your card without you having to do anything outside of the initial integration.


  • you are able to easily take Google Pay transactions from your customers, which can be used both online and in store
  • Payments are instantaneous and money can be accessed straight away
  • Use your phone to make payments without needing your debit or credit card
  • Good security features backed up by Googles infrastructure
  • No fees for transactions


  • the only major issue is that you need to set this up with your iPhone or Android device


This is a particularly good option if you are wanting to create a payment solution for your online store. Authorize.Net uses a simple system that can be integrated with your website and has a user-friendly interface. One limitation is that you can’t send money to friends or colleagues with the app, but it is targeted at businesses more than individual use. PayPal or a similar system would be a better option if this is a feature you are looking for.


  • Authorize.Net is well established with over four hundred thousand users
  • very well-established security features
  • You are able to use their free mobile app when you sign up for an account
  • Very good support that is available at any time
  • There is a QuickBooks integration which makes bookkeeping for your business very simple
  • No setup fees if you want to set up a payment gateway


  • No options for sending cash to individuals like PayPal offers
  • You must pay their monthly fee of $25
  • International payments come with an extra fee

There are many other payment options including Intuit, Dwolla and Payoneer so make sure to shop around to make sure you are getting the best system for your needs. QuickBooks Cloud from a hosted desktop as a service provider can simply your bookkeeping as it provides features like tracking expenses, customer invoices, etc. Choosing appropriate one from the available versions of quickbooks can yield you high accounting efficiency.

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