What Are The Types Of Coffee Roasting Machines Available?

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A Coffee Roaster Machine

You should roast the coffee beans before making coffee. If you make coffee without roasting the beans, you will not be able to enjoy the aroma of coffee. While roasting, the aroma and other pleasant extracts present in coffee beans will come out that can increase the taste of the coffee. If you are a small business owner and in need of a coffee roaster, you should research the different types of small business coffee roasters available to select the best suit. There are four main types of roaster machines based on the configurations and roasting mechanisms. These types are as follows.

  • Classic drum roasters
  • Recirculation roasters
  • Indirectly heated drum roasters
  • Fluid bed roasters

Every roaster will work using a different mechanism providing unique tastes to the beans. In this article, let us see the working of these types of roasters. 

Types Of Coffee Roaster Machines

Classic Drum Roasters – These types of coffee roasters will consist of a rotating drum that contains the coffee beans. This drum will rotate above the gas flame. There will be a fan that pulls the hot air from the flame and pass it out of the roaster through the drum. This process will provide some convective heat to the coffee beans to roast them. Roasters with thin-walled drums will supply more heat to the beans that may distort the taste. You should go for roasters with double-walled drums to get the job perfectly done.

Recirculation Roaster – These types of roaster are the most energy-efficient coffee bean roasters in the market because of their working. In this type, the exhaust air will recirculate back to the drum providing energy efficiency. The disadvantage of this roaster is that the coffee will have a smoky taste. To avoid this taste, you should recirculate the exhaust air after reheating it to a temperature higher than the chamber temperature. 

Indirectly Heated Drum Roasters – This type of roaster will have mostly the same features as that of classic drum roaster. But here, the drum will not rotate directly above the flame. The burner will be far from the drum, and the hot air flows through the drum without any direct contact with the drum. The operation of this roaster requires some skill since airflow adjustments are there. 

Fluid Bed Roasters – In this type of roaster, the coffee beans are roasted by letting them float in a fluidized bed of hot air. The constant hot air circulation without direct metal contact makes the coffee bean evenly roasted. There will not be any changes in the coffee taste after roasting is over. It can control the temperature of each coffee bean. 


A better coffee roaster will roast the coffee beans with perfection. Perfectly roasted coffee beans will bring all the aroma and other extracts, thus enhancing the overall taste of the coffee. Small businesses can choose any of these roasters based on the features and mechanisms to help their employees tastefully get some relaxation. 

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