What Are The Types Of Online Slot Machines?

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Online Slot Machines 

You can find slot machine games in every casino. These are the machines in which many games of chance will take place. The objective of the game is to match the combination of symbols that come in the reels after a spin. There will be three reels in the machine and a pay line will cross over all these reels. If a player predicts the three symbols over which the pay line will stand after the spin, he will be the winner. In modern-day slot machines, the number of pay lines is increased and so the number of reels. The rules and pay-outs vary with the type of slot machine game. The digital era has brought gambling online. Most of the online casinos will contain at least two or three slot machine games on them. You can try https://qqturbo88.net to play your favorite slot machine games. The three types of slot machine games are as below,

  • Reel slot machine games
  • Video slot machine games
  • Progressive slot machine games

In this article, let us discuss these types of slot machines in detail.

Types Of Slot Machine Games

Reel Slot machines

Online reel slots are similar to the mechanical slot machines with a minimal difference. An online reel slot will consist of three reels and up to five pay lines. The reels will be three columns with several symbols and numbers. In a reel slot, the player need not do much. He should decide on the amount to bet and the number of coins. Then the player will push the spin button. The reel will start to spin. Once the spin stops, the pay line will cross over any specific row. If three or more symbols are similar in that row, the player wins the wagered amount. 

Video Slot Games

Video slot games are similar to that of reel slots but they have five reels and a greater number of pay lines depending on the casino. One pay line will have a smaller number of winning combinations, but higher pay lines will increase the possibilities. So, there are hundreds of ways to win in video slot games. The player will decide the amount to wager and place the coins. Once he pushes the spin button, the reels will start to spin. Then the player waits to see the result. If the combinations on selected pay lines match with your proposed combinations, you win. 

Progressive Slots

The progressive slots will have three to five reels. It is similar to reel slots but has a difference that in the progressive slot game, all the slot machines in the casino are connected. Every time a player joins a progressive game, the total jackpot amount will get some part of his betting amount. Hence, the jackpot of the progressive slot will keep on increasing until any player wins it. Once a player wins the jackpot, he can take the entire amount and the game will start from the beginning. 

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