What Clothes Should I Wear To Practice Yoga?

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Have you already learned the benefits of yoga and encouraged you to start your journey to become a “yogi”? Then it was time to prepare to practice yoga with the ideal clothing for this discipline. The clothes you choose can be decisive in the success of your practice because you need it to be comfortable, very elastic and resistant.

  • Comfortable: Ideally, you can focus on the exercise, so any discomfort will get you out of concentration. It is recommended that clothing not be too baggy or too tight.
  • Very elastic: Yoga poses make you move your body in a way that you normally wouldn’t, so your clothes should accompany you in your movements.
  • Resistant: You will be on the floor for a long time. So, for you to make a lasting investment and avoid accidents when practicing this discipline, the ideal is that you wear quality clothing.

The Ideal Dress To Practice Yoga

It’s not about spending a lot of money, you can look for clothes that already have items that can serve you . Here are 5 recommendations of ideal clothes to practice yoga:

  1. Cotton And Lululemon Pants

There are two important things to consider when choosing pants. That is elastic so as not to limit your movement, but that is not very wide or heavy because it can cause you discomfort and imbalance.

lululemon pants or leggings type is ideal for practicing yoga. However, you have to take some points into account when choosing the ideal pants. It should not be too tight or have a low waist cut, because the last thing you want is to end up showing your underwear to the whole class. Here is a guide to wear the best lululemon pants. You can read about lululemon pants in detail.

You can also wear cotton jogging pants to practice yoga. By having elastic at the waist and ankles, but being wide in the rest of the leg, they allow you to move without discomfort during your exercise.

  1. T-Shirt Without Sleeves Or With Wide Sleeves

The perfect shirt to do yoga is one that does not bother you when you move your arms. Therefore, if the weather allows it, sleeveless shirts are ideal. An elastic cotton shirt also works for you. In addition, it will help you in case you sweat a lot because the material of the shirt will absorb moisture.

  1. Light Shoes

If you do a quick search of yoga images in your internet search engine you will see that, in the photos of people practicing this discipline, nobody wears shoes. This does not mean that it is your case. If you want to wear shoes, or the weather does not allow you to be barefoot, you should choose lightweight, comfortable and elastic shoes.

You can also use tights or socks with non-slip. Different brands of sportswear have produced special footwear for practicing yoga. These are cloth shoes, without laces, with a very thin sole and adjusted to the foot.

  1. Underwear

A special recommendation for girls. Forget about wearing a bra or bra with uncomfortable rods and pins. The underwear is also an important issue at the time of yoga, and sports bras or tops without brooches are the best choices.  Even if you are in a heated space or with a warm climate and you feel comfortable, you can only use the sport’s top without a shirt.

You must also choose the panty or panties that you will use because you do not want to have a too-large one that prevents you from some movements, or one that is too small and tight. A thong is an excellent option. It is also ideal for boys to wear slip-type underwear or a boxer that is not too tight.

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