What Crimes Are Considered Domestic Violence?

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Violence toward another person is a serious crime punishable by law, but it’s even worse, when the violence is done to you by a person you know and love. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. In addition, at least 5 million acts of domestic violence occur annually to women aged 18 years and older, with over 3 million involving men. While domestic violence can be minor, such as grabbing, shoving, pushing, slapping, and hitting, serious and sometimes fatal injuries do occur.

Domestic violence not only affects the victim, but also close family members, co-workers, and the local community. It’s effects are also damaging, the abuse can cause diminished psychological and physical health, decrease quality of life, and decreased productivity. Domestic violence is a common societal issue in the United States, and unfortunately some cases go unreported to health or legal authorities. If you or a loved one is going through domestic violence abuse, it is not right, report it.

Domestic Violence as a Crime

Domestic violence is considered an intentional crime and compensation may be obtained by victims that prove a personal injury claim or domestic violence civil case.In addition, domestic violence can include felony and misdemeanor charges depending on the nature and severity of the abuse. Violence and abuse at the hands of a loved one is frightening, degrading, and confusing. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are also a victim of a crime therefore, contacting local authorities is in your best interest, for your security, safety, and well being. 

Forms of Domestic Violence

Bodily harm to various degrees is usually the outcome of domestic violence, but there are several common forms of abuse that is often inflicted on victims:

  • Physical abuse – which can include hitting, biting, slapping, battering, shoving, punching (any type of violent behavior inflicted on the victim)
  • Sexual abuse – when the abuser coerces or attempts to coerce the victim into having sexual contact or sexual behavior without the victim’s consent
  • Emotional abuse – involves invalidating or deflating the victim’s sense of self-worth and/or self-esteem
  • Economic abuse – takes place when the abuser makes or tries to make the victim financially reliant

Being Charged with Domestic Violence 

Once a person is charged with domestic violence, he or she is usually subjected to a protective order being placed on the reset of the family or those residing in the same household. This is issued by the court and may be modified if necessary. If the court ordered protection order is violated, new charges are often the outcome. It is important to maintain distance from those protected, and the accused should not have any contact with those in the home unless executed by a lawyer. 

If you are accused of committing a domestic violence offense, or if you are named as the respondent by a person seeking a protective order against you, you should consult with an attorney skilled in handling such matters. You can read more strolneylaw.com on how you can clear any accusations brought against you in the event someone wrongly accuses you of domestic violence.

However, with several lawyers available in the market, choosing the right legal professional can take time and effort. Thankfully, there are ways to help you find a domestic violence lawyer in San Jose or wherever you may be. You can seek recommendations from family and friends, visit reliable resource websites to get more information, or read client reviews. When you hire the perfect lawyer, you can have peace of mind knowing someone can advocate for your rights in court.

A skilled attorney will serve as your advocate and seek a favorable resolution to the allegations against you.

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