What do Bearded Dragons Need in Their Tank

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Whether you’re getting a new bearded dragon or just want to give your current pet a better home, a better tank is a must. It’s thrilling and important to provide a comfortable environment for your scaly companion at home.

Bearded dragon tanks can be decorated in a variety of ways to accommodate your lizard’s needs and showcase its individuality. Here are some suggestions that’ll help you a lot.

A Tank Stand

If you want to make sure your bearded dragon cage stays in position, a tank stand is a good investment. Due to the substantial weight of a suitably sized terrarium, these types of accessories are sometimes sold in tandem with aquariums in pet stores.


The Bearded Dragon needs a lot of light in its tank because it is used to spending long periods of time outdoors. Bearded dragons require special reptile-tank light bulbs that can simulate natural light. Include a UVB lamp in addition to a full spectrum one.

 To ensure your bearded dragon has a long and happy life, it is recommended that you purchase a UVA/UVB light bulb and expose it to it for at least 12 hours daily.


As we’ve already established, dragons can withstand extreme heat and cold. As cold-blooded creatures, dragons require a constant temperature within their environment. The temperature for their basking area should be between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (35 and 38 degrees Celsius).

Be sure to keep the temperature of your bearded dragon’s tank between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 23 degrees C) at night.

Humidity Level

Care for your bearded dragon includes paying attention to the humidity levels in your home. Humidity levels between 20 and 30 percent are ideal for bearded dragons. A hygrometer is a tool utilized by many dragon guardians for measuring humidity levels in the tank.

A Food Bowl

Use a reptile tank food bowl to feed your bearded dragon.

A Water Dish

Bearded dragons require a large enough reptile water dish for them to soak in.

Reptile Decoration

Bearded dragon tank functionality is just as vital as aesthetics. Therefore reptile decor is a terrific way to express your personality and taste. Bearded dragons enjoy the added climbing, resting, and hiding space that decorative items provide.

Basking Rock

Put a basking rock in your bearded dragon’s tank, so it has a designated spot to relax in the warm glow of the basking bulb’s UVB rays. Place a rock in your beardie’s warm place so it may come closer to its lamp. Most of their bodies can fit inside these rocks.

Climbing Facilities

Bearded dragon owners might also think about getting their pets some climbing accessories, such as ornaments for the tree or ramps.

Pest-Control Tweezers

One or two pairs of tweezers are useful for live-feeding insects. Tweezers can be a lot of fun for feeding your dragon, but they also offer protection against insects that might pinch or bite, and they are a great alternative for people who don’t want to handle real bugs.


If you’re interested in keeping a bearded dragon as a pet, you’ll need to create an environment that’s as close as possible to the one they’d find in the wild. Bearded dragons’ native habitat is quite simple to replicate, even if it can’t compare to the wild.

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