What Do I Need For Playing Tennis For The First Time?

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Tennis is a very addictive sport and it is quite possible that if your child picks up a tennis racquet at the age of 8, he might still be playing tennis even after forty years. You might have different reasons to like the sport and we don’t blame you if you like tennis just because Roger Federer plays. Many players do that. But first thing first, you have to start to play tennis as a beginner, so does Roger Federer did, he too started as a beginner.

Tennis is simple. You need a racquet and balls and a court to play (and some vegan sports gear to look good!). But tennis is also very complex (but you don’t have to worry about it, it is complex as you go further in tennis). Now we look at the things that you need for playing tennis for the first time.

These are the must things that you need for playing tennis for the first time. And when you start liking the sport and develop a little bit of game, start the following accessories in your tennis bag like your tennis dampeners & tennis grip tape.

  • Tennis grips
  • Tennis strings
  • Tennis Apparel
  • Towel
  • Headband and wristband
  • Water bottle
  • Energy drinks and energy bars


The most important thing in tennis, your racquet. Without which you cannot play tennis. Get a new or used tennis racquet and that will be enough for a player who is going to play tennis for the first time or you can also borrow it from someone to get the taste of the new sport and once you like it, then go for the new racquet. But one thing is for sure, you can’t play tennis without a racquet. 


The next most important thing, your balls. Without which you cannot play tennis either. You are going to use your racquet to hit the ball towards your opponent. Try to go with two or three cans of balls because you’ll be hitting them wildly on your first visit. It is good to have more balls otherwise you’ll be spending most of your time chasing them.

Court / Wall / Ground

As a beginner, it doesn’t really matter where you are playing. You can either play on a tennis court, against a wall, or you can also play in the ground. A tennis court would be the ideal place because you’ll get the actual feel of the sport, playing in the lines with a net. Just go out and have some fun but don’t worry, you can also play against a wall or in the ground at the start.


And another important factor when you step onto the tennis court, be in your tennis shoes because tennis courts can get damage with some shoes because they can leave permanent marks on the court. Get a new pair of shoes as you are planning to hold the tennis racquet for the first time.

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