What Does Preschool Offer My Child?

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If your child is approaching preschool age, the thought of kissing even a little bit of your precious time together goodbye can seem like too much to bear. But preschool can be a great step for the whole family in terms of education, development and growth for everyone involved, especially your child. Preschool is a fantastic stepping stone into the world of education, and it’s important that they test out the waters sooner or later.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to send your child to preschool — or even when would be the best time to send them, it might be a good idea to take a look at all the things preschool can offer your family and your child. While these developments can sometimes be made at home and other settings, sending your child to a designated learning environment can often give them the push they need to get excited about learning and reach new milestones.

1. Socialization

Bringing your child into a classroom setting can introduce them to new kinds of socialization that they’ve never experienced before. Even though preschool doesn’t always seem structured, the forms of play, learning and activities are centered around growth and development for each child. While your child has probably experienced social play, preschool is an environment where they will get a taste of working together and being around peers for long stretches of time. This can build social skills, teamwork abilities and strong connections.

2. Independence

This may be tough to stomach, but giving your child a little bit of independence can be a great step in their growth and development. Perhaps they’re entering the stage where the want to do everything on their own — sometimes, it can be beneficial to lean into that rather than fighting it. Of course, they still need you for a multitude of things —you’re probably well aware of that. But letting them spend a few hours a day without you can give them a sense of independence, even though they’re in the capable hands of trained teachers and educators.

Alternative preschools like Montessori schools can be especially helpful with this, as the curriculum is flexible to the needs of the particular class, and often focuses on the children guiding their own educational path. 

3. Adjustment to the Classroom Environment

While this might be a basic step, it’s something they can’t get anywhere else. Preschool doesn’t take up the same amount of time as regular school or even kindergarten, so it’s the perfect way to ease your child into the classroom setting. Sometimes, kids don’t take too kindly to being in a school environment even if they are ready to make that leap, and need to be eased in gently and with care, and preschool is the perfect opportunity. With the combination of play and learning, your child will adjust to school gradually and healthily.

4. Exploration of Curiosity

While kids can get so much out of their activities and exploration at home and with family or friends, being in a school environment around peers can offer a brand new world of topics, tools and ideas for your child to navigate. It’s beneficial for kids of all ages to get familiar with new environments and get out of their comfort zones, as it can foster curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm.

Preschool teachers are trained and qualified to support kids on their learning journeys, which means that they can direct and facilitate activities differently than you would as a parent. Sending your child off to preschool doesn’t mean you’re putting their education completely in somebody else’s hands — as they learn and grow, they’ll bring their findings home and you can get involved, making learning a family activity.

5. Guidance and Structure

Different educational styles will offer different systems of structure for your child and their classmates, but giving your child a new outlet that involves guidance and a bit more structure than they’re used to can adjust them to the classroom environment and prepare them for life ahead. While Montessori education offers a bit more of a child-led structure, other preschools may offer a more serious structure.

Teachers, peers and schedules all help to get kids accustomed to real world situations. Teamwork, time management and communication are all skills that can be introduced and improved through the structure of a preschool experience. 

Watch Your Child Grow

Everything surrounding preschool can be a big decision, and that can take some time and consideration. By looking into all the ways that preschool can support your child in the time leading up to their traditional school experience, you can consider their education in a different light and think about all the ways you can expand their learning and development. 

Different preschools will be right for different kids and different families, but the right fit is out there for you, whenever your family is ready to get the ball rolling.

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