What Goes Into Making Pigless Pork Rinds

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Pork rinds are now a healthy snack!  Wait, when did that happen again? Well, ever since the PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds from Outstanding Foods hit the shelves of course!

Pork Rinds have undergone a renaissance of sorts. Traditionally at the apex of a poor Southerner’s food, it used to be a gas station snack to pick up alongside a pack of cigarettes and a lukewarm beverage. But as soon as the Keto Kommunity had the chance to look into pork rinds, they found that this humble poor man’s food was a low-carb diet-friendly snack. What’s more? They were lip-smackingly delicious!

Since then, chefs and snack makers have worked towards revamping the traditional chicharrones to bring them to fine dining and the more sophisticated palates of the world. 

Pigless Pork Rinds by Outstanding Foods

The Pigless Pork RInds by Outstanding Foods is a real game-changer. It is a vegan take on the traditional fried pig skin which is made from mere pea protein! Its all-natural ingredients like pea protein, pea grits, cane sugar, white distilled vinegar, etc. are also all obtained from vegan sources. 

Available in 5 interesting flavors including the classics like Nacho Cheese and Texas BBQ, these pork rinds pack a punch. No more Cheeto fingers! There’s simply no explanation to how something so crisp and crunch-worthy can be so full of depth and body. Forget all the deep-fried snacks you’ve sampled before, the taste of these snacks lingers long after the initial bite.

Stuff your mouth with these pigless pork rinds and you’re still not likely to make a dent in your daily keto diet. With 25g of protein in every bag, it satisfies you and keeps you from overeating. Satisfy your cravings in a no-shame, guilt-free fashion as these snacks are baked and contain no trans fats, no soy, and no cholesterol whatsoever!

With 75% less sodium and 67% less saturated fat than traditional pork rinds, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by 50% by opting for these Pigless Pork Rinds. Helping the environment stay healthy while helping yourself stay fit in the process? Sounds like a win-win!

Pigless Pork Rinds in the Ketogenic diet

With the ketogenic diet growing in popularity, it was only a matter of time until Pigless pork rinds made it to the forefront of the ketogenic diet. A snack that’s pretty much carb-free, these pork rinds can serve as a simple snack or as an additional crunch and flavor factor to almost anything.

From a topping for your favorite vegetable stir fry to a topping for your loaded tacos, you can experiment with these snacks. Substitute your taco shell with these rinds for that matter! You’ll learn to love it! If you fancy pork as a protein, you can look up recipes that use these rinds to crust pork tenderloins, ribs, and bacon too! These snacks make everything better. 

The Bottom Line

Outstanding Foods’ PigOut Pork Rinds are a stellar snack experience, unlike your basic and average supermarket brands that cause more damage than they let on. Put the pigless pork rinds up against your favorite oil-drenched, carb-loaded, and calorie-dense snacks and they’ll come back swinging! With a ton of wholesome goodness and nutrition and no downside at all, these pigless pork rinds are pure magic and quite spectacular.

What’s all the Hype About?

Wondering what all the hype around Pigless Pork Rinds is? Order yourself some bags of these addictively delicious snacks, pig out and see for yourself! Yes, we said ‘some’ bags, as one can never be enough. Invest in food that invests in you.

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