What is a Good Personal Injury Lawyer Made Of?

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An old English nursery rhyme asks: What are little girls made of?

The answer: “Sugar and spice,

And all that’s nice;

That’s what little girls are made of.”

But what are good personal injury lawyers made of? The answer can be found buried in another old story.

A small boy, carrying a violin case, walks up to a man and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The old, wise man glances at the boy and says, “Practice.”

The vital quality of a better personal injury lawyer is that they try cases. The are in the courtroom with their client, they put witnesses on the stand, and they convince the jury to give the client the justice that they deserve. Practice is the essential quality.


A good lawyer develops a high level of compassion for their clients by “walking in their shoes”, derived from the injury they’ve suffered and knowing what their life is like. What is life like without a leg? What about living with burns all over the face and neck? A good personal injury lawyer should be able to look at a permanently changed life from the client’s point of view.

A good personal injury lawyer will use their skill, talent, experience, and humanity to demonstrate to a jury how catastrophic the injury has been to the client. When the best trial lawyers in the nation are observed, people see someone with more than just experience, more than mere intelligence and more than being well-educated in trying lawsuits — it’s their humanity.

Where to Find the Best

Most great trial attorneys either work alone or as a member of a small firm. They want to be hands-on. They need to hold the client’s file and have direct contact with the client, to be there for the client. In a large law firm, patrons get lost in the shuffle and become a number as they lose their identity. A large firm can’t be there for the client when needed.

Start researching attorneys by visiting their websites. Identify testimonials from real clients. Next, see if they’ve managed your type of case before and what was the outcome. Be sure to ask, “How would you handle my specific case?”.

Do I Have to Pay a Personal Injury Lawyer a Lot of Money?

Yes. No. Maybe.

Most personal injury lawyers are compensated on a contingency basis — meaning you don’t pay unless they win. Even then, their fee comes out of the settlement.

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Make?

At the bottom end of the rainbow, not much. Personal injury associates, attorneys who are salaried and labor for other lawyers, are some of the worst paid.

If a lawyer brings in a lot of business as a partner, they can make decent money.

At the the high end, the most successful ones are the best paid. Bring in a few multi-million dollar cases each year and collect 20 percent on each? You do the math.

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