What is a Mediated Divorce and How Can it Benefit Both Partners?

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A 2018 report by CDC established that the number of divorces in the U.S. was 782,038. Couples who opt for a divorce can choose different approaches on how to go about the process. These divorce categories include litigation, collaboration, mediation, and DIY.

Divorce gives rise to tension, distrust, and unsettling emotions. Consequently, communication becomes a challenge. A mediator helps a divorcing couple to have consistent communication and agree on crucial matters.

A mediated divorce is an excellent option for both parties. The Sanders Firm, P.A. explains that divorce mediation is an opportunity for both parties to resolve their case quickly Keep reading to know more about divorce mediation and how it can help both partners. 

What Is a Mediated Divorce?

Divorce mediation involves a third-party, who assists a couple in negotiating a workable resolution in the best interest of each partner. During the mediation, the parties discuss all pertinent issues and address any conflicts to reach a feasible compromise. Divorce mediators have to be unbiased to be able to serve the parties equally.

The mediator only acts as an intermediary, who helps couples to agree on communication and conflict resolution approaches. A mediator can’t force agreements or solutions to parties. It is vital to work with a mediator who is well-versed in family and divorce law.

You ought to know what to expect in a divorce mediation before getting a mediator. With the right information, you’ll establish whether the tactic resonates with you. However, it is essential to understand that divorce mediation is one of the best approaches to divorce. 

Benefits of Mediation for Divorce 

Mediation is a divorce approach that has significant benefits for both parties. If you’re considering a divorce, here are some benefits of mediation that might prompt you to embrace the method. 

Maintain Peace

A divorce can be chaotic. Most divorces result from conflicts within a marriage, which makes the process quite heated. However, you can choose a less-opted path and have a peaceful divorce. 

Mediation is a tactic that will ensure that your divorce is peaceful. Having lawyers can impede peaceful negotiations as lawyers battle out to represent each party’s interest. On the contrary, a mediator focuses on getting solutions that benefit both parties and maintain peace.

In a litigated divorce, one side seems to win based on the arguments presented. However, parties in a mediated divorce have a respectful dialog where the resolutions are mutually-agreeable. The mediator ensures that the couple doesn’t focus on past ill feelings but on future solutions. 


A traditional divorce process, especially for an older couple, can cost as high as $100,000. Going through the trial process will necessitate you to hire an attorney, which is pretty expensive. If your case is complicated, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket to get a divorce successfully.

Mediation in divorce helps to cut down on costs. The divorce mediator assists the parties in reaching the most reasonable solution in an efficient and quick process. On average, you’ll spend less than $10,000 on mediation.

In divorce mediation, you only work with one mediator, which is the main reason why the approach is inexpensive. Conversely, the traditional divorce process will necessitate you to have more than one attorney, which makes the process longer. With mediation, you resolve any underlying issues faster and save on costs. 

Faster Process

A contested divorce takes even more than a year to resolve. You need to schedule court dates, have attorneys from both sides agree to the dates, and go through a process of discovery. All these steps can cause a delay in the divorce, which can be overwhelming for both parties. 

You can opt for mediation if you want to avoid being in a state of limbo with your divorce settlement. With a mediated divorce, you’ll be done within three months. Considering that you’re in control of the process, you can end the marriage faster and move on with no ill feelings. 

Mediation makes the court process easier. Since all the conflicts are already resolved, your divorce will be finalized within a few weeks.

Divorce Mediation Considers the Best Interest of Your Children 

Divorce has adverse emotional and social impacts on your children. They might battle with anxiety, confusion, anger, and being emotionally sensitive. An attorney-driven divorce can put your children in a more stressful situation.

When you choose the adversarial divorce process, you’ll be busy fighting with your spouse without paying attention to how your children are faring. Going to court means that your children will have to stand in a law court to answer hard questions. 

Mediation for divorce prioritizes the children. The divorce process shouldn’t be based on vengeance, which can affect the children negatively. By choosing mediation, you are opting for what’s best for your kids despite the differences you have with your spouse. 

The Process of Mediation is Confidential 

If you don’t want your divorce process to be the talk of the town, avoid the court process. A court is open to anyone who wants to listen to the proceeding of a divorce. The last thing you want is having to hang your dirty linen for everyone to see. 

The traditional divorce approach can be humiliating. Worse still, there’s always a court reporter noting down what you say. Considering the emotional turmoil involved in most divorces, opting for a confidential process would help.

Mediation is a private process. The only parties involved in divorce mediation are the couple and the mediator. The communication is confidential, and the mediator can only share any information with your permission.

A Mediated Divorce Has Significant Benefits for Both Partners

Regardless of any differences you have with your spouse, divorce doesn’t have to be messy. You can opt for a mediated divorce to reap mutual benefits. With a divorce mediator, the focus will be on the way forward as opposed to vengeance. 

Mediation in divorce saves time, money, maintains peace, and considers the best interest of your children. If you’re preparing for a divorce, opting for mediation will save you significant frustration. Ensure that you get an unbiased mediator to drive your divorce mediation in the best way possible. 

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