What is Steam Cleaning and How Does it Work?

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Technology and advancements in chemistry have helped drive the cleaning industry forward at a very quick rate. One piece of technology that isn’t necessarily new, but is changing the way we clean is steam. Steam cleaning is a powerful alternative to more traditional methods that can transform the way you clean your home or business. Knowing this fact and understanding how a steam cleaner works can be two different things though. To better understand what steam cleaning is and how it works, use this simple guide.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is exactly what the name suggests, a method of cleaning any surface using steam. Steam is a more powerful alternative to other methods of cleaning, thanks in part to the temperature it can sustain. Steam cleaners come in many forms, with the most common household appliance being the steam mop. Using steam is a great alternative because it helps kill bacteria and germs thanks to the combination of heat and chemical cleaners. Depending on your needs, there is likely a steam cleaner to help achieve your cleaning goals. Handheld steam cleaners are effective at cleaning smaller spaces or surfaces, with steam mops making light work of hardwood or tiled surfaces in your home or business.

How does it work?

Okay, now that we know the basics – now what? Steam cleaning is not overly complicated, but it can be easy to misunderstand exactly how it works. Steam cleaners work by converting sterile water sources into steam, using electricity to boil the water and eventually evaporate into steam. The water is heated to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, shooting steam through as many as fifteen jets to clean your floors. This cleaning process is what creates the necessary heat to help kill bacteria and germs on your surface. Steam cleaning boasts the ability to kill 99% of all bacteria and dust mites that exist on your floors. Steam cleaners achieve this through the use of a cotton pad which helps remove any surface dust, dirt, and grime, while the steam kills any underlying or lingering bacteria. It really doesn’t matter whether you have a full-size or portable steamer, the function still remains the same.

Why steam?

Steam cleaning has many advantages over other traditional methods. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, steam cleaning can be completed without harsh chemicals or the residue these chemicals can leave behind. Steam cleaning is not only better for the environment, but some steam cleaners also offer dual cleaning functionality to offer something for everyone and every surface. A softer side for hardwood or delicate floors, with a tougher, more coarse pad on the reverse side, meaning you no longer have to come back to the tough spots a normal mop just can’t handle. Steam cleaners also mean you are cutting through the dirt and grime to help restore your floors to their former glory. With some traditional mops, you are simply wiping the top layer of dirt and grime without cutting through. Steam cleaning is a more effective way to rid your surfaces of dirt and bacteria.

Steam cleaning isn’t just a flavor of the month, it’s a more effective way to clean your surfaces, that is much more efficient for the environment as well. By heating water to a high temperature, steam cleaners can cut through dirt, grime, and bacteria to leave your surfaces feeling restored and refreshed. Boasting a 99% bacteria killing rate and offering a simple way to avoid using harsh chemicals, steam cleaning is the best way to clean your home or business. Before your next clean, consider whether you’d be better off with a steam cleaner instead.

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