What Is The Difference Between Power Washing And Pressure Washing?

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Power and pressure washers are used nowadays as interchangeable terms, but what people don’t know is that even though they use the same machinery and mechanisms, there is a slight difference between them. The difference is that a power washer can shoot pressurized hot water and not just water at room temperature. 

When it becomes too hard to clean spots such as mud, grime or dirt that have been stuck, or even mold that has been growing for years, the best thing to use is either a power or a pressure washer. These shoot water at high-pressure levels, enough to be able to tear off any dirt or unwanted substance from your home surfaces such as wood, concrete or even roof tiles.

Pressure washers are recommended for homeowners and companies that work in the residential and commercial field, because they can clean many areas with much ease and very effectively. While power washers are usually seen in commercial and industrial zones depending on the type of work needed. Power washers have the extra ability to shoot hot pressurized water.

Now let us discuss the main difference and applications where you would need one in favor of the other.

Pressure Washers

These are most commonly seen with homes or commercial areas where oil, grease and other hard to remove substances are not so commonly seen or rather scarce. Pressure washers shoot water at room or pipe temperature, which is an effect of cleaning cinder blocks, brick or concrete constructions. Unlike power washers that can easily kill mold, these can take it off, but not effectively kill it, so they are less useful when cleaning decks, fences, and wooden walls.

Pressure washers can have added chemicals to the water they are shooting to make cleaning much more effective, such as adding a degreaser to remove oil and grease or soap to make the surface you are cleaning smells just as you want. 

Pressure washers are generally cheaper than a power washer, so they are an effective and cheap solution when it comes to cleaning your home, be it inside or outside. Of course always keep safety in mind, and consider Pressure Coach.

Power Washers

Power washers can usually be seen in commercial and industrial zones where hard to remove substances that are common, such as the pit of a shop, a bus garage or a construction zone. 

Power washing can kill mold due to the added heat, which makes them excellent at cleaning wooden surfaces. With a power washer at your hands hardened substances such as old bubble gum, stuck debris on concrete, grime stuck on decks, grease in the driveways, and other hard to remove substances are easily taken off. 

Not only does mold go away with it, but also mildew, moss and even small weeds can be easily cut off with a power washer. 

You can also add chemicals like degreasers to an oiled or greasy surface, then wait for a few minutes and power on your washer and blast it away; you will see oil and grease flying off like never before!

In general, power washing is more effective than a pressure washer, but it can be dangerous due to the added heat, so you need to be either extra careful while handling the machine or simply hire a professional to do it in your stead. 


Power washing and pressure washing are very effective ways to clean many surfaces, much more than conventional cleaning without the need of chemicals, and even if you use chemicals when pressure or power cleaning it becomes much easier in general.

Power & pressure washing always comes with its dangers as with handling any kind of machine, so be sure to always wear safety gear when cleaning with these machines such as work gloves, hard hats, safety glasses and even thick pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt! In case it seems difficult task you should hire professional, who will provides the best pressure washing services. If you are in Palm Bay, FL you can take Palm Bay Pressure Washing Service who will clean all the stubborn spots with efficient way.

In conclusion

Cleaning with either power or pressure washing will always be more effective than conventional cleaning on most types of surfaces, because of the pressurized water erected by the machine. If you ever need an effective way of cleaning houses, commercial and even industrial properties nothing is better than pressure or power cleaning, especially the later thanks to its heater capabilities. That still doesn’t mean pressure washers are not good, they are amazing!

When using a power or pressure washer always keep your safety in mind by wearing the proper gear, read the manual of your tool to know how to properly use it and be mindful of those surrounding you, and if the job is too difficult or dangerous always get professional help!

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  1. Great choice of topic! I haven’t seen anyone really break down the difference between pressure washing and power washing! Whichever you choose to use, definitely worth it! I had my home pressure washed and it seriously made all the difference in cleaning up the exterior.

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