What Is There To Learn More About Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

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Dual diagnosis has been the case that took its form in the 1980s. This was the term given to patients suffering from mental sickness (disorder) and substance abuse. However, SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a different name for this disorder. That is by far known by co-occurring disorders. 

So, we have been how people are becoming vulnerable over the years. As pandemic and the existential crisis has struck millennials and other generations, it’s imperative you should learn more about dual diagnosis treatment available nearby. 

Therefore, in this blog, we introduce common dual diagnosis situations to learn about. Carefully sift through the blog if you think you know someone suffering from the same. 

Most Common Conditions Diagnosed In Dual Diagnosis:

Depression and addiction:

These two are the most common afflictions to live in the host’s body. If you (patient) are consuming a substance of any sort, it has repercussions like depression. However, depression can also be hereditary. 

Anxiety and addiction:

This is another combination of dual conditions you learn about while learning the dual diagnosis. Anxiety makes you break into a cold sweat. Otherwise, in anxiety, you can end up consuming more drugs than ever. As a ripple effect, substance abuse can make you more anxious. This chain is quite vicious and difficult to break. 

Thus, parents, friends, and extended social support is necessary while getting on meds to get out of this dual diagnosis condition. 

PTSD and addiction:

When you want to learn more about dual diagnosis treatment, know that people go through different traumas in their life. These tribulations can be in the form of a crime, accident, or mishap. 

If you (patient) cannot deal with it and move ahead, you suffer from PTSD. 

You would need expert clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Some experts are already working at the Oro House Recovery Centers in Los Angeles for years to treat this affliction. 

Often, PTSD and addiction can be a fatal combination. It would hamper a normal life. And when you are in the delirium of addiction, you can end up making harsh and bad decisions in life. These are also to get away from triggers. But you might end up triggering your PTSD even faster. 

Therefore, patients need extensive care when such situation surfaces. Often, patients get prescribed inpatient services with their family’s consent too. Regular one-on-one sessions would be required to decipher the root of trauma and the medicines’ effectiveness to get rid of dependence on the substance. 

ADHD and addiction:

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is common in youngsters and teenagers. Because of this mental disorder, they fail to focus on a single task at hand. Plus, if they consume drugs, the situation worsens.

Proper CBT and other therapies are the best to teach youngsters and young adults to school their minds towards one task at a time. 

Behaviorists and clinical psychologists use proper diet plans, memory, and brain activity sharpening techniques. Many techniques are evidence-based when they are offered by doctors and specialists working at a trustable facility. One such rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, California, is Oro House. 

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