What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

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Have you lost someone that you loved in an accident which wasn’t their fault? If so, a wrongful death lawsuit could be what you need to get compensation.


When someone we love dies, it can be life changing and earth shattering. When someone we love dies and we have to pay for things like medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of future earnings and any other incurred costs, it can also be soul destroying. We already lost the person that we cared about and now we have to pay for it as well. Life is cruel and unfair.

If you can get your head together enough to file for a wrongful death lawsuit, the person who caused your loved ones’ death can be held accountable. On top of that accountability, you will receive some measure of closure as well as some financial recompense for the trouble that you have been put through. No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a person. What it can do is go some way towards repairing the damage done to your financial situation. It’s not enough, we know that, but it is something.

What constitutes a wrongful death in the state of Oregon?

There are all sorts of wrongful death claims. Some of them include motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, or slip and fall accidents anywhere in public. If your loved one was in a public place and they were killed as a result of being there, then this constitutes a wrongful death. Wrongful deaths happen when deaths occur which could have been avoided had ordinary safety procedures or measures being put in place. If someone has a duty of care to your loved one and they fail in that duty of care and your loved one dies. This is a wrongful death. This means that wrongful death lawsuits ebb into the world of accidents in the workplace, road traffic accidents, and many other areas of law.

What to do if you think your loved one has suffered a wrongful death?

If your loved one has died, we appreciate that no amount of hard-headedness will bring them back. However, hiring a wrongful death attorney in Portland, OR can help you to claim back some of the money you have lost as a result of their death. Usually, it is the spouse of a deceased person who makes the claim for wrongful death lawsuit. It can also be the sibling, the child, or the parent or guardian. A close personal relationship is the defining feature which allows someone to file a wrongful death action.

What sort of expenses are covered by a wrongful death lawsuit?

When you do file your lawsuit, you can expect to receive recompense for things like pain and suffering caused to those who have survived. You may also claim for benefits or loss of future earnings of the victim. You might be able to claim compensation against loss of companionship, loss of parenting, or reimbursement for medical, burial, or funeral expenses.

If your loved one has died and you were completely unprepared for the death, these compensations can go a long way towards easing your financial struggle and stress. They may never bring our loved one back, but they can make our time left without them a little easier.

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