What Should Modern Students Know About the Value of Art?

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Should They Pay More Attention to Art In Schools And Universities?

The arts play an essential role in expanding our horizons and facilitating out-of-the-box thinking. Learning creative subjects can help kids improve their performance, soothe their nervous system, and develop their creativity.  It can also help students cultivate their imagination, which in turn leads to higher IQ-test results and all-round development.

In recent decades, hard sciences, such as math’s, physics, chemistry, etc., are dominating in high-school and college curricula. In our era of open markets, developed economies, and high competition, the said subjects hold greater currency for students than the humanitarian ones.

Unfortunately, arts are considered a close-to-useless activity for a successful career. However, there’s a logical explanation for that. According to the Abraham Maslow`s pyramid, self-actualization (which is frequently done with arts) takes the least important place in the hierarchy of a person’s needs.

But still, can arts be useful for students? Today, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of studying arts in colleges and universities.


Arts Improve Literacy Skills

In 2006, Solomon R. conducted an experiment in local school called “Learning Through Art.” The idea behind was pretty simple — instead of academicians, they sent artists to teach schoolchildren and facilitate their ability to create.  The result was outstanding. Those students who took part in the experiment have shown better results in six different subjects and passed exams with higher grades than their non-participating peers.

However, it should be mentioned that such an outcome was observed only for oral exams. The researchers said it was so because they did not prioritize written tasks during the experiment. But, children showed improved critical and creative thinking in a rather short term, which is definitely a good thing.

Arts Can Positively Influence Your Health

You might be surprised, but music, dancing, and theater have been used for decades in hospitals, senior care treatment facilities, and mental health centers. Hospitals and clinics owners specifically choose neutral color palettes with soft natural tones. These colors work best for patient rooms. It also has a hand in calming patients and their family members faced with stress. Getpsychologyessay.com advises avoiding using color palettes with strongly contrasting colors in these spaces, as they cause strain. The reason for that is not entertainment, however. The primary goal of arts implementation there is its enormous positive influence on health condition.

In the recent decade, there has been an increasing number of researches trying to define how health and arts are connected.  In 2010, research titled “The connection between Arts, Healing, and Public Health” was introduced by the American Journal of Public Health. Long story short, here are the most important conclusions:

  • Creative activities impact our sense of hope, which is essential for faster healing.
  • Arts decrease depression and negative emotions.
  • Arts make people feel socialized even if they stay in seclusion for a long time.
  • Visual arts improve memory function, which is very useful for recovery after brain surgery
  • Arts exponentially decrease the average period of hospital stays.

As you can see from the research, arts and public health are interrelated. Take a moment to consider what today’s world would be like if every person had dedicated some time to creativity just once a week. The overall populations’ health might have improved, and most people could have improved their living conditions.

Arts Take Time

Despite the positive effects of arts, it is considered quite time-consuming. Generally, you have to spend more than 15 hours per week in order to maintain and develop your creative skills. Moreover, it requires you to purchase additional equipment such as musical instruments and canvases.

However, it doesn’t undermine the importance of the arts. You can always find some time to improve your creative skills by “borrowing” time meant for other activities.

For example, if you have complex home assignments or term paper writing task, you can always ask specialized online agencies for essay writing help. They can help you with proofreading and writing the whole thing from scratch so that you can enjoy your free time and undertake creative activities.

Arts Raise Academic Achievements

Another case study published in 2011 called “Reinvesting in Arts education” has revealed that the integration of arts has a positive impact on the performance students show in hard sciences. Arts education doesn’t only help improve test scores but also boosts the whole study progress, says the author.

The research has shown that playing musical instruments positively affects such skills as concentration and focusing. Students who began to play instruments have shown better results in maths and physics tests. Furthermore, those who were engaged more in visual arts achieved better results in reading, being able to read more within the same time and digest the meaning of the whole passage faster.

Researchers believe that the integration of arts should be implemented in secondary schools in order to enhance the learning process.

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