What Should Modern Students Know About the Value of Art?

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Should They Pay More Attention to Art In Schools And Universities?

The arts play an essential role in expanding our horizons and facilitating out-of-the-box thinking. Learning creative subjects can help kids improve their performance, soothe their nervous system, and develop their creativity.  It can also help students cultivate their imagination, which in turn leads to higher IQ-test results and all-round development.

In recent decades, hard sciences, such as math’s, physics, chemistry, etc., are dominating in high-school and college curricula. In our era of open markets, developed economies, and high competition, the said subjects hold greater currency for students than the humanitarian ones.

Unfortunately, arts are considered a close-to-useless activity for a successful career. However, there’s a logical explanation for that. According to the Abraham Maslow`s pyramid, self-actualization (which is frequently done with arts) takes the least important place in the hierarchy of a person’s needs.

But still, can arts be useful for students? Today, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of studying arts in colleges and universities.


Arts Improve Literacy Skills

In 2006, Solomon R. conducted an experiment in local school called

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  1. Art develops imaginating and even critical thinking. So students realy need it
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