What the Future of Food Delivery looks Like

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Food delivery has been a game-changer in recent years. With more and more restaurants popping up across the country, we must ask ourselves: what’s next? Only a decade ago, the only options available were pizza places and Asian restaurants. If you lived in a small town, your options were even worse. 

Nowadays, you can open a food delivery app, like DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, or GrubHub, and see loads of options to choose from. Have you ever noticed the number of options and thought, wow, I’ve never even heard of that restaurant, or I’ve never even seen that restaurant. 

That’s because you probably haven’t. New restaurants are popping up here, there, and everywhere, begging the question: is it that easy to open up an entire restaurant? Well, no. But what about a virtual restaurant? 

New Delivery Channels 

We’re used to logging onto an app, placing our orders, and getting our food. But what if the process could be even more streamlined than that? You may remember years ago when Dominos tried out a service that allowed you to save a favorite order that could easily be reordered by sending a pizza emoji to a certain number. 

New delivery options include ordering by emoji, which we’ve seen before (and honestly, it didn’t really take off), ordering from a smartwatch or smart TV, ordering from a smart assistant (like Alexa or Google Home), ordering from your car, or even ordering from your eyes using smart glasses or other yet-to-be-designed future technology. 

New Delivery Options 

While it’s crazy to think about, delivery with robots or drones isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. Amazon has taken to drone delivery in the past, and some food services have already begun exploring this niche. 

On top of interesting delivery methods, the options for places to order from have become larger and larger. Maybe you’ve noticed a restaurant or two on DoorDash or UberEats that you’ve never seen in real life. Perhaps you’ve even looked it up to realize that it doesn’t actually exist, at least not in the way we’ve grown to see restaurants usually exist. 

According to https://www.nextbite.io/, the virtual kitchen is the way of the future. Nextbite is a company that creates restaurants that are only for online delivery. There isn’t a storefront or even the ability to pick up orders. These restaurants exist solely for food delivery apps. 

Virtual restaurants are much more low-risk, low-cost, and much more flexible for those interested in getting into the restaurant business. They allow more people to get into the restaurant world while providing customers with more and more options to choose from.

New Niches to Explore

On top of virtual restaurants, there are many other niches to explore in the food delivery world. If you open your mind to what food delivery really is, there are many other possibilities, including: 

  • Pet food delivery 
  • Food waste pick up 
  • Grocery delivery 
  • Meal kit delivery 

While most of these already exist, they’re mainly in their infancies. The future of these apps is vast, and there are many changes to be made in the future. 

No matter what, food delivery is constantly changing to better benefit the customer. Making food more accessible and easier to order is the mantra of many of these apps, and they’re all clearly working toward this future at a quickening pace. 

What do you think food delivery apps are going to do next? Are you most looking forward to robot food delivery, being able to order your food via an emoji on Twitter, or the insurgence of virtual kitchens and many more food options? 

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