What to Check in A Baby’s Bottle Nipple

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When looking for best baby bottle nipples, be ready to follow a process of elimination rather than just buying what you prefer. As you try out, your baby will help you decide the best one for them.   In simple words, there is no success formula when buying bottle nipples for your little one. Some babies will experience colic and gas due to certain nipples while others will be completely fine with the same thing. Though all bottles are designed in a way that reduces and prevents feeding problems, your child is likely to have issues with some nipples.

What you should know about bottle nipples
Bottle nipples are made of silicone or latex. The ones made of latex are flexible and softer, but they are not durable and they are allergic to some babies. Those made of silicone stay in shape for long and are firm and easy to feed your baby with.

Nipple shape

The traditional nipples come in dome or bell shape. The orthodontic nipples are designed in a way that allows them to accommodate the baby’s gums and tongues comfortably.  They have a flat bulb that lies on the tongue and they feel more like the mother’s breast.

Flow and size

Baby bottle nipples are available in different sizes and each type has its flow speed.  Newborns and preemies use the smallest size with very slow speed. As the baby grows, they can use bigger sizes with faster flow.  The ability to suck and drink formula from a bottle increases effectively.

It is easy to identify the size suitable for your child. They are marked and come with age range. No need to worry if your baby does not fit in the suggested age or size. Buy a few nipples and see which one works perfectly for your child. Just see how the baby gets the mil; is it enough or too much that can choke him or her? Talk to your doctor about any feeding problems that you feel they may be of concern.


Disposable nipples are perfect when travelling. They are sterilized and the most convenient to use if you are on the go and have no time to clean your baby’s bottle nipples.  However, you have to dispose them after every single use.

Venting Systems

Most bottles have inbuilt venting systems either at the bottom of the bottle or in the nipple. They prevent colic and while some parents find them useful, others are sure.

Number of bottles

It is up to you to decide the number of bottles to buy. They can be between 4 and 12 with different sizes. You need many of them if you planning to be bottle feeding most of the time.  Start with small bottle for the new born and shift to bigger sizes as the bay grows. Get a bigger bottle as the baby’s appetite increases.

In conclusion, a good nipple should drip formula or breast milk. If it pours a stream, it’s like to choke the baby when he or she sucks the nipple.  Check the baby bottle nipple all the time before you feed the baby because it can crack and get larger, therefore changing from slow to fast flow.

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