What to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

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When it comes to your precious pup, you want to choose the best trainer to help you and your dog be happy with one another. A good trainer can help build the relationship between dog and master so that you and your dog can live together in peace.

Not all dog trainers are created equal. You want to find a trainer who uses proven techniques and is also loving and patient with your dog. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a dog trainer.

Education and Experience

Dog trainers aren’t required to have any specific education or professional training, but a trainer with a degree or certification in animal behavior and training is recommended.

Be careful with some terms people use. Some trainers will call themselves dog behaviorists but aren’t actually certified. A true dog or animal behaviorist will have an MS or Ph.D. Be sure to ask for proof of education.

Experience is another factor. Look for someone who has been working with dogs for quite a while and who has positive recommendations from a variety of sources.

Behavior and Breed Specialties

There is a wide range of dog behaviors that may require a trainer. A puppy doesn’t need the same methods as an older dog that’s showing aggression. There are also trainers that specialize in certain breeds.

Be sure to check which types of behaviors and dogs the trainer works with. You want to either get a trainer that works with a variety of behaviors or someone who specializes in your particular needs.

Training Techniques

Different trainers use different methods to train dogs. Not all training methods are effective or even humane. You want to work with someone who uses methods like positive reinforcement and mirror training as opposed to negative reinforcement. Trainers should always use strategies that are backed by science.

Be sure to ask a potential trainer about their methods or even ask to observe a session.

Rapport With Your Dog

Even if a trainer is great, they may not gel with your dog. Ideally, you should give your dog and the trainer a chance to meet before beginning any sessions. You’ll get to see how your dog responds and if it seems like a good match. You want someone who is warm and loving toward you dog but also has a personality that your dog will respect.


Every dog is different. Even two dogs that are exhibiting similar problematic behaviors have different temperaments and different problems in their past. If the trainer exhibits a one-size-fits-all approach to training dogs, you may want to keep looking. You want a trainer who’ll see your dog as an individual and will tailor a strategy around your dog.

A good trainer will also discuss your needs with you. They’ll come up with a plan to teach your dog the main behaviors needed to function in your life and home.

How the Trainer Trains YOU

A big part of dog training involves the owner. A trainer can work with your dog and even get great results, but if you can’t replicate the results, the training won’t count for much.

You want to find a trainer who develops a good rapport with you and works just as much to teach you what they’re teaching your dog. The trainer should show you exactly how to use their techniques and should practice with you until you and your dog are comfortable.

A Trainer That Guarantees Results

Some trainers will complete the agreed-upon sessions, and if your dog isn’t where you want them to be, they’ll just say they did their best or try to get you to sign up for more sessions.

Look for a professional who guarantees results. You want someone who’ll continue to work with your dog. For example, if you’re looking for dog training Scottsdale AZ, Phoenix Dog Training offers packages that include lifetime follow-ups.

Where Does the Training Take Place?

Some dog trainers have a facility where they train while others will come to your home. Some even do a hybrid training where your dog will have sessions both on-site and at home. It’s up to you what you prefer, but you may want some in-home training so that you can have things a little more focused on what your do will be doing day today.

Need Dog Training Scottsdale AZ?

Phoenix Dog Training offers years of experience working with a variety of dogs and situations. We believe in clear communication and empathy when it comes to dog training. We have several packages to suit your needs and budget. If you’re interested in training, contact us today.

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