What to do in Carlisle: 10 ideas for you and your family

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If you are taking a trip to Carlisle, PA for your next family vacation, we don’t blame you! This cute and quaint town has plenty of family-friendly activities that you can do either indoors or outdoors – don’t worry about a little rain ruining your vacation. Fortunately for you, there are tons to do in this beautiful town!

But where is Carlisle, PA? This small borough contains around 19,000 people as of 2019 and is the main city in the Harrisburg and Carlisle Metro Area. Known for being a quintessential Pennsylvania town, Carlisle was actually ranked the second-best place to raise a family in the past decade!

What to do in Carlisle: 10 family-friendly activities

If you are trying to find a non-crowded and tranquil place to bring your family for your next vacation, why not consider Carlisle, PA? Not only is Carlisle filled with historical significance, cultural events, and outdoor spaces, but you can find family-friendly activities that everyone will enjoy. When asking yourself

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