What To Do To Keep Your Hands Full When The Kids Are At School

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So you finally have some well deserved alone time but you can’t wrap your head on things you can do with the free time you finally got your hands on. Too often Mums get overworked and forget how to enjoy some hard-earned relaxing time. Fear not, we are here to remind you of some fun pastimes to help you wind down.

Read some Books

Reading does not only help increase mental knowledge but reading for stress relief is an actual thing. There are so many tasks in our everyday lives that demand us to read, it’s easy to overlook something as basic as reading a newspaper or paying our bills online. But how frequently do we read just for pleasure? Grabbing a book can be beneficial in a number of ways, even in parenting if you choose the right books. Overall reading for pleasure is an often underestimated and undervalued pastime.

Watch a Movie

Although not as beneficial as reading, watching a movie can really help unwind the mind from the constant daily tasks. Movies are great fun, especially with some healthy snacks and your favourite drink of choice. Movies can also help the child’s mind in our brains reactivate. When was the last time you imagined yourself as the character of a movie! It’s great to reimburse your child-like mannerisms and imagine life as a movie. Afterall dreams never hurt anyone unless, of course, you count nightmares.

Hit Up a Gambling Site

Many women look at gambling as taboo. Luckily we aren’t in the 1940s anymore and we women now have the freedom to do as men. Hitting up gambling sites can be a cool and fun way to unwind. Finding a good site is essential to have fun and avoid hassle during the limited amount of free time. Thankfully there are trustworthy and reliable sites that can provide insightful information about the top 10 picks for the best gambling sites available now, accompanied by reviews, bonus codes and a few gambling tips and tricks! They will also contain the US legalities of gambling according to state. Make sure the state you are playing from allows for online gambling to take place or you can resort to offshore casino’s/bookies.

Listen to Some Tunes

Releasing stress through the power of music is one of my personal favourites. Music has a way of hitting the right buttons. Whenever picking up an old CD of one of my favourite tracks from the younger, fresher days and hitting play, we get reminded of when times were a little easier. It also gives hope for the fun times ahead for your kids. Songs have a way of intertwining with memories. Some of the best and worst memories have music accompanying them. It’s also fun to compare the music of our generation compared to the modern music played on today’s radio.

Get Messy & Paint

Painting is another super fun pastime that can be enjoyed with some wine. It also gets the creative juices flowing. You don’t have to be good at it either after all you’re just looking to have some fun. Added bonus fun features included when inviting some other mums or friends over before picking up or waiting for the kids. If you’re not one that enjoys paint tutorials or abstract art you can always resort to painting by numbers for easy stress-free colourful fun.

Get Some Exercise

Grab your jogging shoes and go for a jog. Running is proven to release endorphins which reduce stress while also getting you/keeping you in shape. Your heart and circulatory system will benefit from regular exercise. Your body’s oxygen levels rise as a result of the increased blood flow. As a result, conditions including excessive cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks are less likely to occur throughout your lifetime.

Try Some Gardening

Time to get those green fingers working! Gardening doesn’t require a garden per say. Although having a garden definitely helps you can buy a plateau of plants that can be grown healthy inside. Today there are also a number of grow tents and lights that can be used to grow your own veggies and fruits. Too often do we hear about the horrible effects of pesticides and synthetic nutrients that are used to grow the so-called healthy veggies we are meant to eat for a healthy diet. Having control over your own garden means you can grow healthy veggies that are 100% homegrown and healthy if done right. This is a double whammy as it’s fun and also beneficial for the kids!

Go Enjoy a Coffee

You can also use a coffee for filling a nutritional gap. Coffee is a great way to get reenergized. Today there are many hip and cool coffee places where you can enjoy reading a book or try out a new brew of coffee with different herbs for an alternative healthy boost.

Shop for the House

Shopping can be a great way to help forget your life troubles even momentarily. Shopping fro house items like a Japanese Samurai Warrior Mask can be a cool and fun item to have around the house for the kids. You can buy some house plants which will help get you started with gardening or perhaps some new kitchenware.

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