What To Do When Asked To Attend a Beach Destination Wedding

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Beach weddings are so romantic. The bride and groom gaze into each other’s eyes and express their love with the clear ocean waters, white sand, and sun as their backdrop. If you’ve never had the pleasure of being apart of something so beautiful, you probably have no idea what to do once you’ve received an invitation. As destination weddings are slightly different from traditional ceremonies, you should know a few things. 

Review The Invitation Entirely

The invitation is the guest’s guide on what to do for a beach destination wedding. They not only tell you when and where the ceremony and reception will take place; they also provide information like dress code, hotel accommodations, and travel arrangements. So, review the invitation entirely to ensure you’re aware of what’s expected of you. 

Book Your Flight And Hotel In Advance

After reviewing your finances and personal schedule to see if you can attend, you should reserve your airplane tickets and hotel room. Since you have no idea how many people were invited, you want to ensure you can get a flight that works well with your schedule and a room close to the wedding venue. If the couple has chosen a popular wedding destination or peak travel season, you’ll have slim pickings. So, the sooner you get reservations out of the way, the better. 


As a guest to a beach destination wedding, you must let the bride and groom know about your availability as soon as possible. They need this information to complete the wedding details ranging from the number of seats to headcounts for meals. 

Start Shopping

You’re going to a wedding at a beautiful beach destination to celebrate the union of those you care about. Why wouldn’t you want to look your best? Though the wedding is likely several months away, it’s never too early to start shopping for things you’ll need. For starters, you’ll need a dress, designer swimwear, sandals, a hat, and sunglasses. Don’t forget essentials like travel-size toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products. 

Make Arrangements

A few weeks before the destination wedding, you should begin making arrangements at home. If you have children that aren’t traveling with you, you’ll need to find a sitter. Depending on how long you’ll be gone, you’ll also need to ask someone to check on the house, plants, or pets. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to request off work and start tying up loose ends on projects you’re working on. Lastly, make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport. 

Plan Some Fun

While you’re traveling as a guest to a destination wedding, you can use this as an opportunity to have your own vacation. After the ceremony and reception, you and your travel companion can have some fun. Research the destination to find out what types of activities and events are in the area. Whether you plan a day of shopping with your cousins or go to dinner and a live concert with your significant other, it’s a nice little reprieve from the norm. If necessary, make reservations or purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines or limited availability upon your arrival. 


The only thing left to do before the destination wedding is pack. Since beach weddings are usually held in tropical climates, packing should be easy. All you need are a few sundresses, short sets, sandals, and bathing suits, and you’re good to go. You’ll also want to ensure you have sun protection, your airline tickets, ID, passports, and credit cards. 

It’s not often that you get the chance to get away from your routines and enjoy time with friends and family. Destination weddings provide the opportunity to celebrate love, reconnect with relatives, meet new people, and create memories that you’ll cherish forever. If this is your first time being asked to attend a beach destination wedding, the steps listed above are sure to make things easier for you. 

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