What to Do When Boredom Hijacks You?

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Whenever boredom strikes, we lose interest in every activity. It seems like we can do nothing to have fun. However, the truth is that there are countless activities to do, but one doesn’t feel motivated to do anything when they are bored.

The bad thing about boredom is that it makes us feel useless, unhappy, and kills all the zeal. Countless times while awaiting your turn at the doctor’s clinic, sitting idle during breaks in work schedules, or waiting for someone, we feel incredibly bored.

We spend that time doing unproductive things like aimlessly scrolling social media feeds, munching on junk food, watching a TV series, or even make weird faces in front of the mirror (let’s admit it).

In the immortal words of Leo Tolstoy, “boredom is the desire of desires.” Simply put, it is the quench to do something that we love.

Therefore, according to your longing, try one of the activities mentioned below next time when you are feeling bored. I am sure that besides being a source of learning, these things will give you a sense of control in your free time.  

Let’s explore some activities you can indulge in to kill boredom effectively.

  1. Learn a new language

Popular shows from Netflix in different languages often pique my interest to learn those languages. You, too, may have a passion for learning a foreign language, but you don’t seem to find the time.

Instead of brushing the desire aside, utilize your spare time in learning at least two to three new phrases of that language.

Online platforms like Duolingo and Livemocha are ideal for learning foreign languages. These platforms also have activities to help you practice your speaking and writing skills in those languages as well. 

Getting a chance to learn a foreign language is an exciting and satisfying activity. It has numerous benefits, such as increased opportunities to work abroad and being able to read literature and view content in that language. 

  1. Take ideas of DIY crafts online

One of the most fun activities to pass the time is to create crafts inspired by online tutorials.

Although there are infinite platforms with video tutorials and step by step instructions on how to work on your craft, YouTube still ranks on top due to its versatility. Another one gaining popularity is Instructables, where step by step crafts are taught.

Indulging in DIY crafts is a fun activity that you can do on your own or with another friend or family member. Why spend a fortune on designer showpieces for your home when your homemade crafts can equally draw attention from the guests?

Most DIY craft tutorials use recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly activity. You can easily create an astounding artifact with used paper, straws, disposable crockery, fabric, or even cardboard.  

  1. Play learning-based games

Many people play games, but mostly these games are based on useless concepts, just focusing on the competition without resulting in any meaningful learning. As a result, people waste their time without realizing it.

However, not all games result in a wastage of time. Researches have proved that some games also result in meaningful learning. They are designed to teach gamers several life skills while they indulge in gameplay.

Various platforms like airG MiniMe 500c, etc., feature such games that will help you learn how to strategize, enhance your cognition, vocabulary, spatial skills, and even boost your memory.

Another advantage of learning games is that they help the player grasp complicated concepts that otherwise seem difficult to comprehend. What can be more fun than games which give you the ultimate entertainment while making you learn something useful?

  1. Make a wish list 

An exciting way to subside the feeling of being useless and bored is to open an MS Word file on your phone/laptop and start typing your wishes. You may title it as “100 things that I want from life”, “things I must learn,” or any motivational heading that you like.

After that, churn up your thought process and begin writing whatever you wish to achieve. This list will give you a clear insight into your life and will kick start your motivation.

To make it more impactful, take a screenshot of that list and set it as your laptop or phone’s wallpaper so that you can frequently look at and stay motivated.

  1. Read classic poetry online

Nothing can soothe a tired soul more than classic poetry. If you are interested in poetry, ballads, sonnets, or epics, websites like Poemhunter make it possible for you to browse from a wide variety of classic poetry.

Read the fascinating, thought-provoking work from legendary poets that is available just a few clicks away and find the peace that your soul is so desperately seeking.

  1. Learn about significant historical events

Learning about historical events broadens your knowledge and gives you a fresh perspective on contemporary political and international issues.

We often read references to the Renaissance, Middle Ages, World Wars, the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and many other historical events in news and books. However, we have shallow knowledge of these historical events.

It hinders our comprehension of these epochal happenings. Learning in-depth about these events is a great way to pass your spare time productively. After reading about historical events, you will feel more informed and authoritative to talk about these matters.

  1. Listen to TED talks

TED talks from influential personalities are all the rage these days. People love to listen to what these people have to say, as it inspires and motivates them to become better humans. 

TED talks are lectures delivered in a highly inspiring manner, weaving personal experiences with uplifting thoughts to convey value to the listeners. They are fascinating enough to pull you out of boredom instantly.

TED talks from Dan Pink, Brene Brown, Amy Cuddy, and several other speakers have been immensely popular and motivated several people. 

  1. Make a collection of motivational quotes

As I said in the beginning, ‘boredom is a lack of motivation.’ So, an excellent idea to fill the void is to look up for motivational quotes to get inspiration. Whenever you feel low, you can refer to that collection to revitalize and boost your emotional health.

  1. Consume knowledge about music

Music is the most popular means for people to switch off from their surroundings and find some calm.

Several studies have proven the calming effects of music on the brain. Also, music from diverse regions is worth learning as it can help you improve your taste in music and create unique compositions yourself. 

You can also take up music as a profession in the future if you study it in depth. When you grasp how it is created, the activity becomes even more interesting for you.

So, next time when you feel turned off, try to lift your spirits by learning about music through Coursera, Alison, or Udemy courses.

  1.  Destress yourself by listening to some white noise or soft music

Depending upon your mood and choice in that instance, play some music that will turn your boredom into a recharging phase.

If you want to kick start optimistic feelings, listen to some upbeat music. If you wish to relax and unwind, choose a song with a slow tempo or white noise. When your mind is calmed down, you will notice a boost in your functionality afterward. 

It’s a Wrap

Renowned author G.K. Chesterton once said that there are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people. I can’t agree more with him as it is up to people to indulge in things that interest them and feel productive when boredom strikes.

Use the internet for the resourcefulness it provides rather than a way to procrastinate. All the activities mentioned above will surely help you snap out of boredom, all the while making you learn amazing things.

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