What To Do With All That Extra Junk in Your Home

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If you don’t have any junk in your home, you might be the one of the few. Over time most people accumulate things that eventually just exist to take up space. We get easily attached to things that may no longer aid us in any way, shape or form. Luckily in the age of the internet, you can look into a 20 yard dumpster rental cost within seconds. Hiring is painless and easy to do, and will benefit you and the community in the long run. Then finally one day you’re looking for something in your home and you realize you can’t find anything because you just have too much stuff. So what do you do next? Here are all of the things you can do with that extra junk in your home:

Store It Away for Later

Your first option is to store your stuff some place. Maybe you want to keep some of the stuff you’ve accumulated, as you think you might want it again one day. For example, many people keep their kids’ old toys, with the hope that they can pass them down to their grandkids one day. But for now, you don’t want the stuff lying around, so you need to store it.

If you have a basement or an attic, these are great places to store things. For those of you who want the stuff out of the house entirely, consider renting a storage locker. These places will keep your stuff safe for a low cost, and you can access your locker any time you want. You can even us something like this storage company in Portland which will transfer your things back and forth to the storage locker for you.

Sell Your Junk for Extra Cash

If you don’t want to keep something, why not try to get some money for it? We could all use a little extra money in our bank accounts at the end of the month, and selling your old stuff is a great way to bring in some cash. You’d be surprised at what you can get for the junk you have lying around your home.

Take some time to go through your stuff and see what you want to try to sell. Then start your search online for similar items and see what they’re selling for. You can then either sell them online through a site like eBay or host a garage sale. Don’t forget about (Sponsored) selling junk cars, too!

Find a Way to Reuse It

Maybe the thing you think is junk can actually be repurposed into something else. For example, maybe you have an old ladder that you can turn into a bookshelf, an old coffee table that just needs some care, or some old mason jars that you can turn into candle holders. A great place to gather ideas is through Pinterest. Search for some DIY home decorating projects, and then see what you have lying around the home. With a little bit of work and creativity you can turn your old junk into something new and become a DIY pro along the way.

Donate Your Old Junk to Charity

Your next option is to donate your old stuff. Things like old clothes, toys, electronics and furniture are always in need and you can likely find a local charity willing to take them. Now not only do you get to clear out your home, but you get to do a good deed along the way. In many cases you can even get a tax benefit by donating your old stuff, which can help save you some money when it comes time to do your taxes.

Throw Away Anything You Have Left Over

Finally, you can throw your old stuff away. Maybe the items are broken down or have been ruined in some way. There’s no way to salvage them into something else, you can’t get any money for them, and you can’t give them away. In situations like this, you’re better off just tossing it. There’s no use keeping something around if you’re never going to get any use from it, so you might as well toss it. In the end your home will feel less congested, and you’ll be happy you finally got rid of all that stuff.

Start Organizing Your Home Today

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do with your old junk. So, take some time in the near future and start sorting through everything. Put your stuff into different piles

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