What To Expect When You Are Flying For The First Time With Children

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If you recently had children, then you may end up flying with them to move or go on a vacation. You will face some challenges when this happens, but you may not know what you should expect. Due to this, we want to talk about some common things that happen when you fly with children to make things easier the first time you do it.

Arrive At The Airport Early

Even though some people can get from the entrance of the airport to their gate in an hour, you should leave early your first time. You have to worry about yourself and your kids, so the process will take longer than usual. For example, if you need to check in luggage, then it will take some time.

This also includes going through security, finding the gate and keeping everyone together. Naturally, it will take more time than going through the airport alone, so you need to make sure you arrive at the airport early. Otherwise, you will need to rush and deal with lots of stress as you get to your gate.

Help Them With Security

If you have young kids with you, then you need to help them when you go through airport security. Each of your kids need to remove their electronics, take off their shoes and put everything on the conveyor belt. Otherwise, the metal detector could go off, which would then take more time for you to get through security.

As your kids remove items from their bags and put them on the conveyor belt, you should watch their belongings. You never know when something might slip out of one of the bags, or if someone will try to steal something. Also, make sure your kids grab all of their stuff once they get through security.

Bring Entertainment

Plane rides can take a while, and some kids have short attention spans, so you need to bring some entertainment to keep your kids happy. For example, if you have younger kids that love to color, then you should bring some crayons and paper on the plane. You can also bring their favorite books and other sources of entertainment.

Some kids do well with electronics, such as phones or handheld games, so you could bring them along as well. This way, your kids will have something to do while on the airplane or waiting at the gate to get on the plane. Otherwise, your kids could get bored and start complaining, which can lead to more issues.

Keep Electronics In Mind

Going off of the previous point, many kids these days have easy access to electronics that they can use on an airplane. However, if those devices can connect to the internet, then you need to talk with your kids, and ask them to turn on airplane mode. While they don’t need to do this at the gate, they should turn it on once you get on the plane.

Airplane mode exists to minimize problems and risks during the flight, so make sure your kids know about it beforehand. Remind them to download anything they need beforehand to avoid any problems. You should also double-check with them to make sure they turn on airplane mode once you all get settled on the airplane.

Help Them With Their Seats

As your kids get on the airplane, you need to make sure they go to the right seats. Each person will have a ticket that states their seat, so take each of your kids to the right spots. If possible, you should sit with your kids to make things easier for everyone else, but you can’t always have that happen.

If you get assigned different seats, you can ask people nearby if they would want to switch seats with you. Also, you should see who your kids will sit next to before you go to your seat. After all, you don’t want to have your kids sitting next to someone who looks dangerous, so you may need to switch seats with one of your kids.

Find A Place For Your Car

Once you arrive at the airport, you will need a place to leave your car. Some people will bring another adult they trust, and they will leave the car with that person. However, if you don’t have that option, or you need the car as soon as you get back, you can look into your airport parking options in the area.

Once you use the DIA airport parking, you should make sure everyone grabs their belongings. You should also do a headcount to ensure everyone gets out of the car. Have them double-check for their belongings, so you can prevent them from leaving behind something important. This should include suitcases, carry-ons and any other belongings your kids want to bring with them.

Always Prioritize Safety

Even if you deal with stress and annoyances at the airport, you need to focus on keeping your kids safe. For example, some kids may try to wander off at times, so keep your eyes open and watch your kids. You should also be mindful of potentially dangerous situations that could happen around you as you wait at the gate.

Make sure you get on the airplane after all of your kids to avoid leaving them behind. You should also do a head count when you arrive at your next destination, especially if you have a connecting flight. It all comes down to you remaining vigilant and watching your kids to avoid unnecessary problems and any potential dangers.


You will face some challenges when you go to the airport with children, but you can prepare ahead of time to make the process easier. After all, children can be a handful, so you should do what you can to make things better for everyone. As you remain patient and work with your children, you can keep your kids happy and comfortable.

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