What to Look for in a Good Dog Daycare

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Dog Daycare

Dog day care centers are facilities for dogs aimed at helping dogs have an exciting day and proper care while their owners are away. Suppose you are thinking of placing your dogs in one of these facilities’ daycare for your dog; you need to be extra cautious.

Even though many traditional dog daycare centers are available, most of them are often overcrowded and therefore not best for your dog. Your dog could pick up fleas and get infected with various diseases such as rabies.

When choosing a good dog daycare, several factors are to be considered to ensure your dog’s safety and health. The following tips below will enlighten about what to look out for in a good dog daycare. You can see more here.

The Admission Requirements and Procedures

Any standard dog daycare will require a detailed medical history for your dog. You’ll be asked about your dog’s behavior and, after that, perform an evaluation test before admitting your dog into the daycare center. It’s best if you’re sincere when answering questions about your dog. Your answers will give daycare staff insight on how best to handle your dog and how.1op to find your dog a suitable playmate. 

If you’re bringing in an intact dog, you should inform the daycare to know whether or not they admit intact dogs.

Check the Number of dogs allowed in groups.

If you’ve noticed, you’ll find out that dogs love to play in pairs. Due to this fact, even if dogs are placed in a large group, they’ll still find a way to play in pairs. Therefore, ensure that the daycare facility you choose maintains a small dog group. The smaller the group, the merrier; hence experts recommend that a dog group should be less than ten dogs. In addition, the play style of dogs should be a criterion for grouping and pairing dogs. Also, it’s best to check if the daycare staff monitors the dogs closely as they play.

Check for Playing Hours

It’s good to have an active dog; however, it’s not advisable to allow dogs to play for too long. Dogs are most active at dusk and dawn, so it’s not a bad thing for dogs to sleep during the day. Too much play can offset a dog and cause over-arousal. Over-arousal is detrimental to your dog’s mental health; it causes them to lose their thinking and response. Make an effort to ask about the playing time in your daycare. Experts say that dog playtime should range between 20 minutes to one hour. Anything more than that could cause high arousal and make your dog prone to anger and other frustrating attitudes.

Hence, choose a daycare that will allow your dog to have adequate rest and play alone as your dog desires.

Safe Daycare facility design

Another critical thing to consider before choosing a daycare for your dog is the facility’s design. A good daycare will have a well-ventilated and non-slip playground. The daycare should also have a sound drainage system and more. The play tools, kennels, bowls, and toys should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Also, check if the facility has a fence, which would prevent the dogs from straying.

Good Emergency Plan

A good daycare will ensure that all dogs are updated with their vaccination. Nevertheless, if a dog starts showing symptoms of an illness, the daycare center should have an emergency plan to curb the spread of such sickness and treat the dog before the owner arrives. A good dog daycare will have contacts of animal shelter agencies and veterinarians that can respond quickly in case of an emergency. It will also have a CCL brace for dogs. Ensure that you ask about the emergency plan put in place in your dog daycare facility

Well trained staff

A good dog daycare needs the help of well-trained and knowledgeable staff and management to run smoothly. You should inquire if the staff is well-versed in understanding and relating with dogs. They should know how to monitor dogs playing and break up fights if they emerge. The staff should also understand how to read the body language of any dog. Ensure that you ask if the daycare staff employ a dog-friendly approach to care and watch over the dogs.

Certification and accreditation

Certification is essential; the government and all relevant agencies must approve the daycare. If you walk into a dog daycare facility and their certificate is not hung up on the wall, don’t hesitate to ask about their certificate. If they have dog trainers, inquire about the certification of the trainers as well.

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