What to Order on Foodpanda and When

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Every now and then, the best treat you can give yourself is a meal from Foodpanda. If you haven’t heard of it before, Foodpanda is a delivery service that brings food from some of the best restaurants straight to your home. With over 2000 restaurants to choose from, Foodpanda is sure to have something for everyone. But then, there are certain occasions when ordering in can be an especially good idea. Here are some of our favorite places to order from and when. 

  • Date night? New Cathay

On date night, it’s worth spending a little more for a quality meal from a good Dhaka restaurant. Ordering from New Cathay, you’ll be able to taste delicious Asian food from a well-reviewed restaurant in the comfort of your home. With a varied and extensive menu, New Cathay is an excellent pick if you like Vietnamese, Chinese, or Thai food. Pick a few of their starters to have before your mains, and your date night is sure to be a success.

  • Boys’ night in? KFC

If you’re having an evening in with the guys, KFC is the way to go. KFC is an American chain that’s famous globally for its crispy, mouth-watering fried chicken. Cheap, fast, and deliciously unhealthy, your friends will love you when you pull out a 12-piece bucket to share. If your friends are coming over to watch a game, Foodpanda is an easy option that will arrive quickly and will ensure you don’t miss more than a few seconds of the action. Visit Foodpanda’s website (https://www.foodpanda.com.bd/chain/cs8gf/kfc) to check out the KFC menu now.

  • Quick office lunch? Dae Jang Geum

If you’re stuck at the office and need a quick bit to eat between meetings, we suggest ordering some sushi from Dae Jang Geum. Sushi is a great option for lunch at the office because it’s quick, filling, and healthy. Your colleagues don’t want to see you struggling to get through a messy noodle dish at the desk! Dae Jang Geum is extremely well-reviewed and is sure to see you through the rest of your working day with plenty of energy.

  • A solo night in? Yum Taste

If you’re planning a night in alone and are preparing for some self-pampering, you’ll definitely want to order some food in. Cooking or collecting food shouldn’t even be an option! Treat yourself to an indulgent meal from Yum Taste, one of Foodpanda’s most popular restaurants. You’re sure to find something you’ll love here. They offer burgers, shawarma, pizza, chicken, and more. Pick your favorite guilty-pleasure meal, put your feet up, and relax.

  • Dinner with the parents? Nihari Baba

If you’re having your parents around for dinner last-minute, don’t panic! Foodpanda has you covered. We’d recommend finding a spot that serves traditional Bangladeshi meals for this occasion. Try Nihari Baba, a new addition to Foodpanda, where you can either choose your own dishes, or you can take the pressure off by going for their daily special. Ordering traditional Bangladeshi food will definitely impress your parents and is sure to be something everyone will enjoy.

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