What to Try on Your Next Missouri Trip

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Travelling can truly be rewarding because it is during your travels that you get to experience the breathtaking views of a new place, as well as taste the exquisite cuisine offered in the locality. If ever you have been in Missouri, for sure you already have visited their famous landmarks, zoological parks and botanical gardens. If these are not enough reasons to keep you coming back to Missouri, here are some of the places and things you have to experience on your next visit.

BBQ Experience

Barbeque is Kansas City’s signature cuisine. Thereby, it is highly recommended to try out a barbeque expedition on your next trip to Missouri and explore the city with a customized trail. This trail showcases different restaurants which are grouped by themes. You will be able to delight in the sights and sounds of the local scene while you are on this expedition, making you appreciate the place more. If you are lucky, you may even stumble across a barbeque festival and competition during your visit and taste the most mouth-watering ribs with the smokiest sauce. You might even want to download an app to be able to track your barbeque experience in the city.

Specific Trip Ideas

If you are traveling with your special someone, you can indulge in checking in on one of the finest hotels in Kansas City in Missouri. The Raphael or The Fontaine is relatively close to the plaza where you can enjoy a stroll after dropping off your luggage. There are several seafood establishments and Japanese-inspired restaurants where you can grab the best sushi in Kansas City. Even if this city is relatively far from the coast, the sushi scene in Kansas City can definitely deliver and even surpass the expectations of the visitors.

If you are traveling with your little ones, there are several family-friendly adventures that you can try such as going to hands-on art centers or watching puppet shows. You can also indulge in an adventure with nature in one of the city’s conservation and discovery center. There are also several museums that will definitely have your kids wanting to come back.


Traveling to another place won’t be complete without shopping. There are several shopping hubs in Missouri, where you can find the most popular boutique shops or antique treasures. There are also various outlets that offer brand name products at discounted prices. Nevertheless, if you love shopping, try visiting the shops that boast the local goods made in Kansas City. More often than not, these local goods are handcrafted such as organic shaving cream or exceptional home furnishings.

Travelling can really be worthwhile, especially if you are going back to a place that you love. While somehow you may already have an idea of what to expect when you arrive, you should still brace yourself for the surprises that the same place you have visited before may bring on your next visit. Such is the state of Missouri, which never fails to impress not only first-time tourists but frequent visitors as well.

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