What Water Filter does an LG Refrigerator Use?

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Replacing your refrigerator’s filter is a process you should always underscore its importance. It will not only ensure that you steer clear of water contaminants you may not be aware of that could pose a health hazard but also maintain the wonderful taste of your water and high-quality ice! What’s more, your refrigerator’s performance may also be affected negatively by a malfunctioning filter. Depending on the period they have been used, most water filter replacements should be done within an average recommended period of 6 months.

It’s advisable to research different refrigerator models and settle for one with easily available best fit filter replacements, as you’ll be doing this at least once every year. 

We’ll delve into informing you on a wide selection of replacement LG water filters available, along with their NSF ratings and fridge model compatibility to aid your selection. Read on!

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vs. Aftermarket Filters

Finding a proper fit replacement for a worn-out filter can be stressful. There are two types of replacement filters in the market. OEM filters are proprietary (patented unduplicated specifications) manufactured by your refrigerator company, or aftermarket filters; an adaptable filter from third-party sources. Though the latter is a cheaper alternative, it’s often of poor quality and performance and may even harm your fridge in the long term.

The Upside of Settling for an Original LG Water Filter

  • You stand to benefit from the LG water filter warranty
  • Easy installation process
  • You avoid speculating on expected performance
  • Easy to find a water filter design befitting your fridge model

What is NSF Rating?

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent organization that standardizes food and safety requirements. A product certified by the NSF indicates that the manufacturer adheres to the stern regulations imposed by it. This means the product has undergone performance and quality testing across its development process and a certified mark of quality.

Before settling on the best adaptable OEM LG water filter for your LG fridge, you can use this rating as a yardstick for quality. There are different classification levels of NSF certification testing.

  • NSF 42: a filter with this rating ensures a reduction in total impurities, chlorine, taste, and odor.
  • NSF 53: covers a range of heavy metal contaminants and volatile organic compounds. 
  • NSF 401: limited to a range of chemical compounds, detergents, and medications.
  • NSF 372: this certification focuses on ensuring the filter itself does not release lead into the water.
  • NSF 61: a broader version of NSF 372 ensures the filter doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the water.

LG Water Filters

LG refrigerators rank among the top-rated water filtration systems in the world. There are a variety of replacement LG water filters in the market. Finding one that fits perfectly to your refrigerator model should not be as hard as it seems. Different LG fridge models work best with particular LG filters depending on their shapes and sizes, so the first step is in identifying yours and ensuring it’s compatible with a filter of your choice. 

Below are some of the most popular original LG water filters ordered from the highest compatibility rate with most LG refrigerator models and their NSF rating.

LG LT700P Water Filter

Of all LG water filters, this one has the highest compatibility rate with most LG fridges, at least 121 models. It has a maximum treating capacity of 200 gallons (757L) before replacement. It boasts of NSF 42 and 53 certifications focused on eradicating most impurities and odors in water.   

LG LT600P Water Filter

Has a high compatibility rate with most LG fridges, at least 100 models. It filters 200 gallons before replacement and is inserted horizontally in the fridge. Its filter material is carbon and has NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications and filters out heavy metal contaminants like iron and chlorine from your water. It is also compatible with all Kenmore “795” series refrigerators. 

LG LT 1000P Water Filter

It has a compatibility rate of at least 98 models and can filter a capacity of 200 gallons before replacement. Its filter material is charcoal and has NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications, which filters out almost all mercury, lead, and benzene from your water.

LG LT800P Water Filter

Compatible with at least 78 models and is comparatively cheaper than the rest in the group. It can filter a capacity of 200 gallons before replacement and uses carbon as the filter material. It reduces chlorine and removes pollutants from your water. It qualifies for NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications. 

LG LT500P Water Filter

Compatible with at least 64 models and uses charcoal as filter material. Its price is favorable and can filter a capacity of 500 gallons before replacement. It can also be used for Kenmore fridges. It filters out contaminants like dirt, rust, chlorine, as well as other bad odors. 

Note: It is recommended that you run at least 2 gallons of water through your newly installed water filter to flush out any loosened sediments within it. 

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