What You Need To Know Before Buying a CBD Vape

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CBD has many wellness benefits, but there is always some skepticism due to its relation with THC.No matter the form of CBD, the product will always mention the amount of THC and CBD. 

A few ways you can consume CBD are through gummies and vaping. Vaping has become quite a popular activity. 

But there is so much to understand before investing in a CBD vape. For options on CBD vape pens, you can check out Dr. Watson for a wide range of CBD pod systems. 

Three types of CBD oils 

CBD oils are typically used when vaping, but there are two ways to consume, which will be discussed in the next section. 

There are three types of CBD oils in this section and are offered as different products that you can use when vaping. 

Full – Spectrum CBD

The full spectrum CBD contains many components of cannabinoid. There are most likely other compounds from the cannabis plant. The full spectrum can also contain low THC levels, so if you want to steer clear of THC, this is not the type for you. 

The levels of THC are less than 0.3%. It is unlikely that it can produce a “high” but is more of a placebo.

The full-spectrum is considered the most effective since all the components of the cannabis are working together rather than being isolated. This effect still needs research, but the theory is mainly from personal anecdotes. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD

The broad-spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids, but the THC is removed. These products can still have the same effect just without THC.

CBD isolate

CBD isolated products contain only CBD and no extra terpenes and cannabinoids. Since the CBD is pure and isolated, it loses its essence but can still promote wellness qualities. 

Vaping CBD flowers vs. CBD oil 

Vaping CBD can be consumed in two ways through flowers or oil. 

CBD flower

Vaping CBD flowers require a flower vaporizer. There are portable products that you can carry, such as the Zeus Arc GT and other products. The Zeus Arc GT is perfect for beginners to use.

Since the flower undergoes this process, the CBD flower delivers a less concentrated dose but still provides the full experiences since the active components are lost. Consuming CBD flowers will contain some THC, but it is never sure how much. 

THC can have undetectable traces to traces that can cause a high. Overall, vaping CBD flower still provides wellness benefits but can lead to a gentle high. 

CBD oil 

CBD oil has a higher concentration due to the extraction process, which isolates the compound. Some companies will add components like terpenes for a more flavorful experience, but it varies from companies. 

Typically CBD oils will range from 60-80% CBD with different levels of excess compounds. Overall it does come down to consumer preference. CBD oils are more accessible and more portable, while CBD flower does require some work and can result in a high. 


That concludes the basics about CBD vape products. Again, not every product is the same, as you can tell by the categories above. Even companies may add or make changes to make their products unique, so if you are skeptical, you can take a look at the ingredients prior. 

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