What’s It Like To Live as an Ex-Pat in Singapore?

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You’ve lived the life of a busy mom. You’re done raising kids, and now you’re looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your time.

Why not become an ex-pat? 

It sounds more out of reach than it actually is – and if you move to a city like Singapore, you’re in for an adventure you never thought possible. The residency process is quick and painless if your documentation is in order. You can find out more information, check your eligibility status, and start an application at https://DreamImmigrationSG.com/.

But before you make any decisions, here’s what you need to know about a potential life as an ex-pat in this special city-state. Even if you’d just like to think about escaping to a new territory and trying something different, read on for everything you need to know.

About the City-State

This city-state is a popular destination for relocation. In 2020, around 1.64 million people living in Singapore were non-citizens out of a total population of just 5.69 million. That’s a lot of ex-pats! 

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has spent time here. Its reputation for being safe, clean, and welcoming has made it an attractive place to live for people from all over the world. Plus, English is an official language there!

The Job Market

Singapore is a great place to move if you are highly educated or have a lot of work experience, particularly in finance and banking (technology and electronics are also big industries in Singapore). The job market in Singapore is fiercely competitive as its population is among the best-educated on earth. 

It may not be the best idea to relocate to Singapore unless you have a job lined up already. The quality of living in Singapore is high, but it comes with a high cost of living. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Property prices are high, and many goods such as cars and alcohol are heavily taxed. 

On the other hand, groceries can be quite inexpensive if you shop locally. Do your research and make sure you can afford a move to Singapore. 

The Lifestyle 

There’s a reason so many people are eager to relocate to Singapore. It is clean and modern, with beautiful ocean views and eye-catching architecture. It also boasts remarkably low crime rates and offers high quality education and healthcare.

Healthcare in Singapore is universal and high medical bills are often covered by insurance. The care itself is also elite. In fact, Singapore is filled with doctors. 25 out of 10,000 people in Singapore are doctors!

Singapore’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. Singaporean students are about three grades ahead of their American counterparts in mathematics! 

 Singapore is a true melting pot. The population is mostly made up of people with Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian backgrounds. Add in the many foreign residents, and the result is a multi-ethnic community where people from different cultural backgrounds live together in harmony. 

The Climate

Singapore has a tropical climate, which means lots of humidity and rainfall. It’s warm all year round, with a monsoon season in November and December. If you prefer a warmer and drier climate, you’re better off moving to the eastern region. 

Final Thoughts

If you find the idea of living in a safe and modern foreign city appealing, Singapore may be just right for you. Consider opening your horizons and joining the large ex-pat community in this city-state – you just might find a new dream home. 

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