When and How To Use Hand Mixers – Top 3 Uses

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If you have a hand mixer in your kitchen and not using it in your daily routine, you have major missing. Absolutely, you mix the liquid or batter for many purposes, but hand mixing may irritate you by consuming too much time. 

Take the hand mixer out from the cabinet and save your energy plus time because after reading this you cannot resist ignoring this kitchen blessing. I will not only tell you the safe use of a hand mixer without damaging it but also share at which steps of the cooking you can use it. So, without any delay, let’s dig into this guide. 

How to use a hand mixer? 

Although hand mixers are quite easy to use and it is not compulsory to have the scientific knowledge to operate this small helping tool. Still, you have to follow some steps to save it from any damage. Here are simple steps for you. 

Don’t miss the manufacturer’s instructions

When you buy a new hand mixer, you will get a manual on which instructions are given to operate the appliance. Similarly, there must be a guide on which model or brand-related general guidelines are given. Take them out of the box and take a few minutes to have a brief overview of its arrangement and working. This valuable appliance must be used gently. 

Keep the power off if the mixer vibrates

If you see your hand mixer or blender is causing any noise or vibration, immediately disconnect its power. This may be due to the consistency of the food or for food build-up at the blades. This accumulation, block the blades and make it difficult for the blades to work.  

Keep the mixer away from water

Yes! You have to be very careful when washing the mixer. Although, most of the parts are not sensitive to the water like the legs of the beater there are chances that its switch may get wet and prove dangerous. If the motor of the mixer is exposed to the water, it may result in its damage. There would also be a risk of electrical shock if you plug a wet switch. So, be conscious when washing before or after use. 

Moreover, excess water treatment may corrode the rods that may lead to the loss of powerful mixing action.   

Save it carefully

When you are done with the use of a hand mixer, be sure that you store it in its box. Most of the hand mixers come in special boxes for protection of all the parts, so after completely drying it, save it carefully.   

If your hand mixer is without any box, you can manage any empty box to use as a saving case. 

Keep a wax sheet for splash-free mixing

Most of the people do not like hand mixers for their splashes. As, the splattering liquid may convert your calm and cozy kitchen to a terrifying place with a cooktop, oven, and all other appliances covered with the splashes. Even you cannot save yourself. To encounter this problem, you can place a wax paper between the spinning legs and liquid. This will serve as a shield and protect you from cleaning of all your surroundings.  

When you can use a hand mixer – Top 3 uses

As hand mixers are available in different styles and combinations that you can use for many purposes but here are some of the general uses. You can make attachments of different parts and make cooking fun. 

Aerate the food

If you are going to make a pudding or cake, a hand mixer will serve you than anything else. In aerating, you need to add air to make it fluffy. This aeration will help to raise the food in baking and if you hand mix, it will not give the same results. 


Some of the hand mixers are there to serve you with a mashing mess. Boiled fruits or vegetables can now be easily mashed and used in any recipe. If you start mashing with hand or the spoon, it will take all your time and will not give smooth quality. 


This is the ultimate use of hand mixers and you can mix any liquid or material with it. Either you are baking a cake, or going to make any traditional food use a hand mixer and get the job done in minutes even if you have frozen shake and want to make it drinkable, you can also give a minute round. 

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