When Can I Star Wearing a Postpartum Belt After C-Section?

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Postpartum Belt After C-Section

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. There’s no better joy than to carry your baby for nine months and give birth to them. But, with the joy comes its fair share of conflicts and changes.

A woman’s physical and physiological body undergoes many changes during and after pregnancy. And everyone’s recovery after childbirth is a subjective experience too. One topic that often sparks a conversation is the post-pregnancy body.

How does one take care of their body, handle the changes to their appearance and ensure they are comfortable while recuperating from such a major medical transition? Postpartum shapewear is often a topic of discussion related to this subject.

If you are curious about wearing a postpartum belt after C-section, this article will explore all the details.

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What Is Abdominal Wrapping?

An abdominal wrapping, a belly band or belly binder, is a type of postpartum shapewear that supports recovery after C-section surgery.

Studies indicate that wearing a well-fitted and high-quality abdominal wrap can relieve pain and prevent risks of hernia in women after delivery. It also supports the organs and muscles to relocate to their original position inside the abdomen after a C-section.

Do C-Section Belly Bands Work?

The primary reason postpartum shapewear, especially belly bands, is popular is its effectiveness. They work, and hence women prefer wearing them after their C-section surgery.

There are multiple benefits to wearing them, including:

  • Alleviating the pain that comes with a C-section
  • Ensure comfortable moving without straining the incision
  • Improves blood flow
  • Promote healing of the incision after the C-section
  • Reduce inflammation or swelling from the C-section
  • Support the posture of a new mother

Wearing belly bands after a C-section also have benefits in:

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Supporting the Pelvic Floor

To make room for the developing fetus, the organs present in the abdominal region undergo many changes and shifts during the pregnancy.

The hormonal interaction also relaxes the pelvic floor muscles to ensure the smooth delivery of the baby. After childbirth, wearing a supportive belly band strengthens and supports the pelvic floor muscles to prevent risks of involuntary peeing. The compression from the abdominal wrapping restores the muscle’s flexibility and the pelvic floor’s normal functioning.

Prevent risks of Diastasis Recti

Two major abdominal muscles that run down on either side of the stomach are expanded during pregnancy, creating a split area. This phenomenon is called diastasis recti.

Generally, the separated stomach muscles return to their place of origin by the second month of post-partum. A belly band is a compression material that moves your muscles back into place, recovering that open gap in the abdomen.

When Can I Use the Postpartum Belt After the C Section?

Belly bands or a postpartum belt isn’t a waist trainer. It doesn’t help you lose weight. However, the primary function of these belts is to retrain the flexibility of the muscles and promote quicker recovery after a C-section.

But when is the right time to wear them?

Ideally, you must wait 2-4 weeks after your C-section before wearing the postpartum belt over the incision or the abdomen. The main reason behind this buffer period is to let your incision heal before you put a compression garment over it.

Also, there are different types of belly bands available that you can check out. Ideally, we’d suggest you get your doctor’s clearance before wearing one.

Furthermore, choose the fabric or material of the belt wisely. You don’t want to indulge in irritating or synthetic materials. Instead, hypoallergenic materials like cotton work great on the skin.

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Is It Too Late to Wear a Postpartum Belt?

The primary purpose of wearing a postpartum belt isn’t just to “get back in shape.” It is also not JUST for the recovery of the C-section incision.

The benefits are diverse, so it’s never too later to wear a belly band after surgery. Even if it’s two months later, the impacts of the belt should help strengthen the muscles and support your post-partum recovery.

Most doctors and even experienced mothers report that wearing the belt during 2-4 months after delivery is when the benefits are maximum. We’d recommend waiting until your incision has healed before wearing the belt.

How Do I Wear a Postpartum Belt Safely?

Postpartum belts aren’t for wearing 24×7. If you are, you need to stop it immediately. Since it’s a compression garment, you must be careful with the belt duration for which you wear the belt.

It’s great to wear for a month or two during your post-partum recovery, but wearing it for support for a longer period might affect the core muscle strength. Instead of doing good, it might end up doing worse for your body.

Some experts even report that wearing the postpartum belt for longer might lead to hip and back pain. It can also elevate the risks of blood clots and restricted blood circulation, which isn’t favorable.

When wearing the belly band or wrap, use an elasticated one. Hold one end of the wrap at the start of your hips and gradually wrap it around. You don’t want to tie the wrap in a way that puts downward pressure on the abdomen and the nearby muscles.

Can I Wear an Abdominal Belt While Sleeping After C-Section?

The abdominal belt after C-section is only recommended for daytime usage. You don’t want to wear it throughout the night, especially when you are sleeping.

Although a belly band can provide your body with the support it needs during the postpartum period, it also comes with a few limitations.

It is ideal for wearing the belt when you are moving around too much and need some support not to jostle your C-section incision. Doing so ensures quicker recovery without restricting blood flow or putting your well-being at risk.

Also, if you are worried about the duration of wearing the belly band, experts recommend wearing it for 2-12 weeks for support without inflicting any adverse impacts.

How Long Should I Wear a Compression Belt After C-Section?

As we just mentioned, the ideal duration for wearing a compression belt after a C-section is 2-12 weeks. Your doctor will be able to guide you better on that.

Since everyone’s body and physical needs differ, the duration will depend on your body’s requirements.

Besides the standard duration, you also need to listen to your body. If wearing the belt makes you uncomfortable or exacerbates the pain, stop wearing it immediately.

Avoid wearing the compression belt to “lose weight” or “get back in shape.” That’s not what the belt is designed for. Instead, it’s only there to support and aid in your recovery.


Compression belts or post-partum belts are gaining prominence in the current world. Not only do they support healing, but they are also great for strengthening the muscles in the abdomen. If you are currently post-partum and your doctor has given you the approval to wear a belly band, we recommend you go ahead. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also great support for your recovering body. Choose a reliable and high-quality product you won’t regret buying.

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